11 Best cases for protecting your iPhone XS

The iPhone XS/XS Max is undoubtedly a great phone, but it comes at a high price. Most of us can’t afford to run the risk of unnecessary damage. But, protecting your device doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the boring and the bulky.

11 Best cases for protecting your iPhone XS
  • Why do some people go without a case? Some people don’t care about the state of their device while others say going without is a status symbol.
  • What makes a good case? It really depends on what you need. From protection to style to built-in wallets, there are so many different options.
  • Where can I find more iPhone accessories? Check out our iPhone XS/XS Max category for everything you need.

Are you the proud owner of the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? While going case-less has become a status symbol, common sense and a hefty price tag are enough to convince anyone to keep their device safe. No matter your style, needs, or budget, there’s a case for you.

Native Union Clic Terrazzo Hand-Crafted iPhone Case

Crafted by hand, the Clic Terrazzo case from Native Union is made of Jesmonite to give it a sparkly twist. The distinctive pattern is exceptionally unique. So much so that no two cases are the same. With a two-tone style design, the case comes in your choice of black or pink and is surprisingly thin. It offers all-around protection without adding bulk.

SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone XS Max, XS, XR

While the camera on the iPhone XS is great, SANDMARC makes it better. The collection features the Wide lens, Telephoto lens, and Macro lens as well as the Drama polarizer filter and Scape NC filter. They fit the SANDMARC case but also attach directly to your smartphone, giving more life to your on-the-go photography.

Pad & Quill Bello Fino iPhone XS Wallet Case

Combining style and practicality, the Bello Fino case from Pad & Quill keeps everything you need in one place. The sleek wallet case has four slots on the inside as well as one larger pocket. Plus, it provides all over protection for your iPhone XS, including the screen.

Kulör Two-Tone Leather iPhone XS Case

Simple yet striking, the Two-Tone Leather Case from Kulör is the pop of color your life needs. It combines leather, polycarbonate, and microsuede for unbeatable protection and equally good looks. You can even get it personalized with your choice of gold, silver, or rose gold foil.

hard graft Leather iPhone XS/XS Max Card Wallet

A truly stunning piece from hard graft, the Card Wallet offers a sleeve for protection as well as plenty of space for your cash and cards. The microsuede interior keeps your smartphone clean as a whistle while the 100% vegetable tanned leather exterior is all about style.

Mujjo iPhone XS Max Full Leather Wallet Case

If you’re after simplicity, Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case gets the job done. It has edge to edge protection and even a raised lip for keeping your screen safe and sound. Plus, the back has a slim card slot so you can stay minimal while you’re on the go. Did we mention it comes in three beautiful leather colors?

Apple Smart iPhone Battery Cases

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Apple’s own Smart iPhone Battery Case is exclusively designed for their own device. It’ll hug every corner of your iPhone XS in protection while offering an extra 37 hours of talk time and 20 hours of internet use. Coming in three colors, the smart case also wirelessly charges.

mophie juice pack access iPhone XS Max Case

If you’re looking for a better price and more functionality, the mophie juice pack access is for you. This iPhone battery case doesn’t block the Lightning port whatsoever thanks to the wireless charging capability. Plus, it recharges with a USB-C cable, so you never have to worry about blocking the Lightning port again.

Casetify Reflective Mirror iPhone Case

The Reflective Mirror Case from Casetify does just what the name says. The entire back is totally reflective so you can use it as an on-the-go mirror. It’s great for taking selfies with the rear-facing camera, but it also adds a touch of flash to your style.

Spigen Classic C1 iPhone XS Case

Throwing it way, way back, the Classic C1 looks just like the Apple iMac G3 we all know and love. It’s semi-transparent just like the iconic computer and comes in bright color options. It also has premium drop protection thanks to the dual-layer structure.

Caviar iPhone XS Grand Complications Tourbillon

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Grand Complications Tourbillon case. Coming in at $8,370 (yes, really), this limited edition iPhone Xs features a classic watch on its entire back. Complete with gold-plated elements and white composite stone inserts, the phone body comes with images of the planets’ orbits.

See a case you like? Which one would you buy? Share with us in the comments!

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