Brightspark Cyclist Safety Lighting Keeps You Safe on the Road

Brightspark Cyclist Safety Lighting Keeps You Safe on the Road

Of all methods of exercise, cycling may be the most fun. In addition to choosing your own route based on expertise, you can explore areas you’ve never been. While it seems logical to cycle on the road, it can be very dangerous. You must be prepared to act quickly and you can never be certain of drivers on the road. Meet Brightspark. This revolutionary cyclist safety lighting:
– works with any bike
– keeps you visible on the road
– is designed to handle the elements

Unlike other bike lights, Brightspark is sleek and has an intuitive design. In fact, it puts control right at your fingertips.

Cyclist Safety Lighting Within Your Reach

The Brightspark lights are designed to be easy to use. This includes their setup and operation. The device itself has a collar that slides effortlessly over your handlebars and locks securely. Whether or not your hand is in place, Brightspark won’t budge. When you’re not riding, you can easily remove the lights to prevent theft. In addition, the controls for the headlights and indicator lights are right at your fingertips. To turn on the indicator, simply hold your thumb on the button for half a second. With this, Brightspark emits front and back indicators as well as a laser indicator onto the ground.

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Safety Through Lighting

While it’s smart for you to have lights on your bike, Brightspark also helps to inform others on the road. With the dual headlight design, drivers and pedestrians can see just how wide your bike is. This will help everyone make more informed decisions to increase your safety. Additionally, by having three indicator lights; the front, rear, and laser projection; you achieve 360-degree notification so everyone can gauge your movement.

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So Much More than a Light

Brightspark is as intuitive to use as it is useful. From the moment you turn on your indicator lights, the device gently vibrates. This way, you can remember to turn them off. In addition, Brightspark offers four lighting modes based on your needs. You can choose between brightness levels as well as a strobe mode. Even on the highest setting, which delivers a total of 700 lumens, the batteries will last you five hours. Did we mention that Brightspark is also water- and weather-proof?

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What We ❤️️

Brightspark is intuitive and easy which is just what every cyclist needs. With this operation, you can keep your eyes focused on the road ahead.

Future Improvements

Cycling safety isn’t just about alerting others on the road. It’s also about being informed. We’d love to see the incorporation of a rearview mirror.

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Indiegogo: until the end of March
– Pledge: $156.15 / £125
– Delivery: November 2017

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