Glowbelt’s Retractable LED Road Safety Belt Brings High-End Visibility For Nocturnal Riders and Pedestrians

Glowbelt’s Retractable LED Road Safety Belt Brings High-End Visibility For Nocturnal Riders and Pedestrians

Ensuring road safety especially during night hours has always been a concern for riders and pedestrians since this is the time which is more prone to accidents and mishaps that often result due to poor visibility conditions. Bicycle riders are, however, already pre-loaded with a lot of lighting solutions that enable them to maintain their visibility while roaring down the streets at night. From projecting LED square grids on the ground to glowing bike wheels and wearable bike lights, there’s a lot happening already in the world of technology to make bike riding safer at night. But if you look closely, bicycle riders are not the only ones who travel on the streets at night. There are pedestrians, campers, car riders and motorbike riders as well.

With 1 in every 200 people dying due to road related accidents everyday, what’s more needed is a versatile solution that can work well with practically anyone traveling on the streets at night. This area of major priority did seem to be neglected until this new Kickstarter project sprang up with a striking solution in the form of a retractable LED safety belt that can be worn by anybody to ensure proper visibility at night. Introduced by BMC Innovations, Glowbelt is a new generation of wearable products that has given the whole concept of road safety a sophisticated makeover.

Compact Solution For Night Visibility You Can Easily Wear

Targeted for all those you generally find on the streets at night, this LED safety belt is a compact, lightweight solution that claims to make the visibility quotient more prominent in order to avoid unnecessary mishaps happening on the road every other day. But since the wearable tech industry is already drawing a lot of concern in terms of being wanted by mainstream users, Glowbelt wanted to bring forth a device which people would prefer to wear. In an interview with Gizmag, BMC’s Creative Director Sean Sykes had said, “It was important to us that Glowbelt was more than just a safety device. We wanted something that people would want to wear.” The device is simply a compact case which draws out an LED wearable you can wear as a sash or a belt or just as a beacon for your backpack or tent (incase you’re camping outdoors). Being small in size and weighing only 54 grams, you can easily pop it into your pocket or glove box, whichever you prefer the most. The solid SMD LEDs used to illuminate the belt is so powerful that you can see them from a distance of 200M even if the area has no other lighting source. That terrifying hour of changing your tyre on the highway in the middle of the night will not be that dark anymore.

Glowbelt on Kickstarter

Since the belt is retractable, a single size will fit the entire family. Be it your little princess or even your grandparents, anyone and everyone can have the deserved round of protection from Glowbelt anytime. The pebble-like device is equally strong and durable because of the outer curvature shell and the inner mechanisms. Even if you sit on one, your Glowbelt stays intact. Running on two watch batteries simultaneously, Glowbelt can give you 60 hours of service which will only follow with a dip in the light quality unless you get the time to find a charging source for your safety accessory.

Road Safety Achievable By Anyone and Everyone

Wearing it is extremely simple especially if you’re in a hurry. Just pull out the fibre from the casing and draw it around your waist followed by a simple click and that’s it. You’ll be safe and sound to roar past the streets with your Tron-like safety belt making you visible for all those around. The belt is available in a range of bright colors such as vibrant blue, menacing green or vivid pink which look way more attractive and stylish than the boring street lights we’ve been accustomed to seeing every now and then. Having been approved by Euro Road Safety already, Glowbelt does prove to be an excellent accessory you must carry outdoors. It’s much more than a fashionable device and could be the major reason why you wouldn’t land up facing an accident anytime.

Glowbelt protects you on the road

One of UK’s leading road safety charity Brake (supported by BMC Innovations) has said on the Kickstarter page, “Brake is delighted that BMC Innovations have committed to supporting the charity, and to raising awareness about road safety. It’s fantastic to see their dedication to supporting road crash victims, and passion for improving road safety. Their efforts are a great example of how companies can get involved to improve road safety and Brake looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with BMC Innovations”

As the team rightly says, this isn’t the first LED product you will see in the market but possibly this could be one of the best. They have also kept the price affordable for the general audience at £12 (additional £3 for shipping outside UK). Time to enter this new sphere of smart living where road safety is no longer a commodity and is rather a right every road user should have, whatever be their budget. Happy Gadgeting!

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