Charlie the ChargeBear Combines Cuteness with Phone Chargers

Charlie the ChargeBear Combines Cuteness with Phone Chargers

Apart from smartphones and wearable tech, another industry which has observed a rapid advancement over the last few years is the phone charging sector. We’ve come a long way since those weird, bulky looking chargers that didn’t offer extraordinary charging backup but were always occupying a big space in the everyday luggage we carry. They are definitely a big requirement in our day to day lives, given the time we spend on our phone each day. According to MailOnline, the average user actually checks their phone around 110 times per day. So, you can very well imagine the necessity of a phone charger in a mobile user’s life because unfortunately there’s still no solution which says that our phones can operate forever without a charger. Mobile users in NYC have been reported to have the highest frequency in phone charging with an average of 2.6 charges per day. Those are big numbers we’re talking about and with the increasing usage of smart devices, the statistics will represent even bigger numbers in the future, if not less.

Teddy bear phone charger

Now, the fact that most of these chargers are very tech inspired in design or come with wireless charging surface is nothing new. That’s what the trend has been like and we have just tried to get the best looking one from the lot till date until recently when this whole geeky design stuff seemed to have been stumped with a cute bear charger on Kickstarter. His name is Charlie and this ChargeBear is absolutely a stunner for keeping kids and those who love fluffy things in the family happily entertained during their phone charging hours.

Adorable Teddy Bear Comes Geared Up With Charging Power

Today’s kids are way more smarter in terms of accepting technology in their lives. They know how to merge the real and virtual worlds in gaming or how to use a crayon stylus unlike us who had to struggle in the initial days when technology stepped into our lives. But the cuteness and innocence in them is still intact. So is their inclination towards stuff toys and talking bears. Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, Charlie the ChargeBear is about merging that world of stuff toys with your phone charging hours in a more cute and gorgeous way.

Charlie the ChargeBear crowdfunding campaign

Charlie comes with a USB port and 4 LED lights that indicates its’ charging capacity at a particular time. Through the use of intelligent charging functionality, it can charge your phone, tablet or smart device in no time. He has a 5200 mah battery which is powerful enough to charge an iPhone half a time and any Android phone 2 and a half times. The LED lights will always indicate you whether Charlie requires any additional charging or not. Using his USB port, you can feed him some power everytime he requires it.

Huggable and Tech Inspired As Well

What’s unique about this charger is its looks. We have seen talking bears and pandas before but phone chargers being this cute has still not been that popular in the smart charging sector. That’s where Charlie steps in with its phone charging capacity in a form factor that’s huggable and warm at the same time. The ChargeBear is designed to represent various animals from the Chinese zodiac and thus comes in different costumes you can choose from. Let me tell you, all of them are equally adorable in terms of looks and cuteness. So, that’s going to be a real, tough time trying to select the Charlie of your own.

Phone charger for kids

Every Charlie the ChargeBear you buy will get you an additional keychain, USB key chain cable (in your choice of micro-USB to USB or lightning to USB) and an extra braided USB cable for charging purposes. You can hang him from your backpack while you move outdoors and make good use of him whenever you need to power up your tech gadget anywhere on the road. Now your cute, fluffy teddy bear is geared up with tech power as well.

Currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, you can pledge for a single ChargeBear with $30 that will also give you the additional accessories we talked earlier. The campaign will be live till October 4 and once successful, you can surely expect your Charlie knocking at your door sometime soon. Phone charging was never this cute before. Happy Gadgeting!

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