Get Your Fresh Water Fix With Cove

Get Your Fresh Water Fix With Cove

Cove is made of Anyone that knows me knows that I have a passion for drinking water. I avoid water from the tap because I think it taste funny. I’m completely guilty in that I rarely use a reusable bottle and all my water comes from large plastic bottles that get thrown away (don’t worry! I recycle!). With my unquenchable thirst for great tasting water, I need a better solution than a resource-depleting garbage-filling water bottle.

Cove is a smart water filter that wants to be taken seriously. Chuck out your old bulky plastic container you sometimes keep in the fridge – Cove is beautiful and efficient and is meant to be left on your counter. Delivering clean, crisp, cold water at the touch of a button, Cove will always quench your thirst.

Cove on counter

Current water filters on the market don’t do quite everything we think. With a basic filtering system, many particles are left behind for us to drink. The filters themselves are flimsy and disposable; I remember going through nearly one every two months when I was in college. Unable to afford the constant refills, we drank whatever water came out of our Brita no matter the taste. In contrast, Cove’s filter only need to be replaced three to four times a year.

Cove filters

Outdoing the conventional and low-tech water filters on the market, Cove has a two-stage filtration process. It’s made up of multiple layers of filtering media with each layer focusing on a different impurity while maintaining the minerals you should have. These layers include silver-impregnated carbon, activated alumina, and mineral stones to handle everything from fluoride to chemicals. In addition, Cove is equipped with sensors to detect water levels and an illuminating band to let you know when to refill the water.

Cove pail

To use it you simply need a source of water. A refillable pail is taken from the top of Cove and filled at the nearest tap. Water goes through the filtering stages and into a chilled glass tank. To get your hydration fix, simply swipe Cove to dispense the water via a pump.

Cove at home

Cove is made of aluminum and glass so that no extra chemicals come in contact with your precious water. Weighing in at just 3 pounds and only 35 cm (13.7“) tall, Cove can sit neatly on your countertop and be moved when need be. The device can hold a total of 3 litres of water and the glass vessel fills up at 1 litre.

Cove app

The Cove team have also included an app to go with the device. You can notifications of when to replace the filters or when to refill Cove or even when it’s time for you to have a glass of water. You can also set up automatic shipments for filter replacements.

For the not-so-small price of $249 you can pick up your very own water purifying and enhancing Cove.

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