Crystal Tips Can Become a Comfortable Companion for Your Earphones

Crystal Tips Can Become a Comfortable Companion for Your Earphones

No matter how many Bluetooth speakers you own, there’s something in a earphone which will always attract you towards it. But we can’t deny the negative impact prolonged usage of earphones might have on our hearing capability. Especially if you’re using them at a higher volume in order to cut down on the surrounding noise. This might make you enjoy your music temporarily but it’s actually a bad habit which will eventually bring about drastic results. In fact, it has already been predicted that if anyone listens at more than 100 decibels for even 15 minutes, he can face hearing loss. Again, most earphones are of a general size which often does not conform to the shape of your ear. This is because the ear size differs from person to person. What you need is a customized solution which won’t affect your hearing ability but will let you listen to your music without any external disturbance. Something as ergonomic as Crystal Tips – A memory foam earphone tip which is both durable and affordable at the same time.

A Healthy Solution for Your Ears

Given the fact that every earphone generally comes with a standard silicone tip, the first question that might pop into your mind is why use Crystal Tips at all! Well, we are here to discuss the same. In contrast to standard earphone tips, Crystal Tips has been designed keeping your hearing ability under concern. It’s a super soft memory foam earphone tip which includes a flexible silicone core and a protective antimicrobial film outer layer. That makes it way more advanced and useful than the existing silicone tips of your earphone. The tip ensures your comfortability and will fit into your ears without posing any chances of falling off from time to time. The memory foam that makes up the Crystal Tips comes with viscoelastic properties due to which it can easily snug into your ears and conform to the shape of your ear canal thereby providing the perfect fit you desire.

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Enhanced Noise Isolation

But the real benefit of this comfortable fit is the fact that it provides noise isolation. As described on their Kickstarter campaign, “When the Crystal Tips expand in your ear they create an acoustic seal. This means that Crystal Tips remove much more background noise than regular silicone tips, thus enhancing the listening experience. Such passive noise isolation technology has the same results as, if not better than, the electronic noise cancellation technology used in many high end headphones.” This will not only keep noise out from your ears but will also keep the sound you’re hearing confined within the boundaries of the tip. So you won’t need to increase the music volume to higher levels which is a great way you can actually avoid coming in contact with higher decibels on a regular basis. That makes this Tip a great solution to ear damage problems due to earphone use as well.

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Comes With a Special Antimicrobial Coating

There’s also a unique antimicrobial coating that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi and then inhibits their growth, thus saving your ears from becoming a germ abode. If that’s still not pleasing enough to lead you towards making a purchase, the fact that Crystal Tips is way more durable than other memory foam tips will surely make you head towards a pre-order. The team was concerned about enhancing the durability of the Tip without compromising on its acoustic qualities. So they developed an ultra thin protective film that coats the outer surface of the foam. It is made from a biologically inert plastic which is thin enough to have no negative effect on the noise isolation, rebound time or comfort properties of the foam. Research has proved that this has increased the lifespan of the Tip by 100% as compared to its competitors.

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You can get the Crystal Tips in two shapes (Spheres and Cylinders) and four colors (blue, grey, red and black) depending on your preference. The team has come up with three core sizes to ensure a good fit of the eartip on your earphone. You can check the compatibility list in order to find out whether your earphone is compatible with Crystal Tips or not. Starting from a pre-order price of $15, this is surely a long-lasting solution you can use to never let go of your musical experience while on the go. Happy Gadgeting!

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