FUGOO Sport is a Mesmerising Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Built For Some Outdoor Fun

FUGOO Sport is a Mesmerising Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Built For Some Outdoor Fun

You can’t deny the craze we all have towards wireless speakers today. They are sleek, portable and loaded with groundbreaking audio technology – everything a modern outdoor partyholic would look for. The fact that most of them have Bluetooth connectivity only makes the demand even more prominent. So, to make your late-night camping parties or the mid-day beach fun a huge success, you won’t require those crazy wire-enveloped speakers and audio setups anymore. Your phone and a pretty wireless speaker is all that’s required today. Infact, based on the research conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) earlier this year, I can say that atleast 16% of consumers would agree with me on this! What about the rest?

We’ve already featured a number of creatives speakers till date which do have a specialty of their own, be it a sturdy design like Vifa or a more playful one like Boom Boom. But the one we’ll be featuring today is one of its kind. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that won’t stop accompanying you under whatsoever climatic conditions. You may be in a rainy camping site or woodworking in some dusty workshop – The FUGOO Sport is a robust design as a waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can use anywhere and carry everywhere!

FUGOO Sport bluetooth speaker

Mud Proof, Snow Proof, Shockproof and Waterproof!

Renowned for designing wireless speakers that comfortably fit into your active lifestyle, FUGOO Sport is the latest introduction from the team which wants to be your best audio buddy outdoors. Be it surfing on the waves or skiing down the snowy slopes, FUGOO Sport can help you have your music by your side practically anywhere you go. The speakers have been built with waterproof durable cloth and bonded to a fiber-reinforced resin shell wrapped in resilient rubber trim. You can drop it, soak it, bounce it or test it under any rough situation – FUGOO Sport is going to come out in bright colors.


It’s designed for those who believe that playing with music in the background is fun. Imagine battling waves with a mesmerising music track in the background – FUGOO Sport is actually going to make that happen for real. What else could a music fanatic crave for!

FUGOO Sport portable speaker for outdoor parties

If you’re one of those who really fantasize music playing hard, FUGOO Sport has it all checked for you. It has been provided with shock-mounted components especially the reinforced case materials and resilient end caps which helps in absorbing the impact on all eight corners. When you get to the inside of the speaker, it has six symmetrically-placed drivers. Together, they deliver a clean 95 dB sound pressure level which is perfect to create that magical audio ambiance outdoors.

FUGOO Sport portable speaker

40-Hour Battery Life – That’s True!

Most of the speakers you see around won’t play for long. Sometimes, not even for a full day! But FUGOO Sport is unlike its contemporaries. It’s got a massive 40-hour battery life which can have the speaker playing continuously for a full day and a half. Since it’s got speakers on all four sides, you can expect a 360-degree enriched sound quality which will never leave anyone in the group unattended. All you need to do is place it in the center of the room and let everyone get involved in the premium audio extravaganza. Best thing out of all, you can make your FUGOO Sport your own personal music assistant by pairing it with the iOS Siri and Android’s Google Now. So, from sports scores to weather forecasts, you can ask Siri whatever information you want to know and hear it from your FUGOO Sport aloud.

FUGOO Sport speaker

Welcome Your Best Audio Friend Now

After the FUGOO Style and Tough, this is a pretty interesting introduction which can truly become every adventurer’s audio companion outdoors. Using the various waterproof speaker accessories in the form of Bike Mount, Strap Mount and Multi Mount, you can take your experience with FUGOO Sport to a whole new level. Coming at a price of $199, FUGOO Sport is undoubtedly worthy enough to be your best audio friend. Order one now and see for yourself! Happy Gadgeting!

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