This 6-in-1 duffle backpack is the ultimate travel companion

Bags come in many different sizes. Some are good for day trips; others are more suitable for carrying your vacation wardrobe. With the 6-in-1 duffle backpack, you can decide what storage you need on any given day.

This 6-in-1 duffle backpack is the ultimate travel companion
  • Many people are opting to travel the world with minimal luggage. This guide shows you how to pack for one whole year with just one bag.
  • The new Duffle Backpack Sport set from Wool & Oak lets you build the perfect bag for any trip, with multiple zip-on sections.
  • Want to know more? Here’s the story of how the 6-in-1 duffle was invented.

Chances are, you own many different bags. You probably take your briefcase or backpack to work each day. Your duffle bag comes out when you need to spend a night away. Meanwhile, your suitcase spends an entire year in the attic between one summer vacation and the next. These bags all serve an important purpose, but they spend more time gathering dust than being used. In contrast, the 6-in-1 Duffle Backpack Sport by Wool & Oak makes itself useful every single day. The unique design allows the bag to shapeshift from a laptop carrier to your ideal travel companion in seconds.

travel companion 03The full lineup

Shapeshifting magic

Modular bags are not strictly new. Many high-quality suitcases allow you to add extra capacity with expanding sections. Similarly, some camera bags allow photographers to add extra pockets for lenses and accessories.

But the folks at Wool & Oak are taking modular design to the next level. The Duffle Backpack Sport is essentially three standalone bags that can be zipped together to meet your needs.

travel companion 010

The Pro backpack

Everyday workhorse

On the average working day, you probably don’t need to haul around that much stuff. The list might include your keys, your phone, your wallet, your laptop, some papers, and maybe a snack.

travel companion 08

Look at that lining!

For such purposes, the Pro backpack should suffice. This is the smallest part of Wool & Oak’s travel set, making it perfect for the subway scrimmage. The backpack is also water-resistant, with adjustable shoulder straps providing excellent comfort.

travel companion 06

The Overnighter backpack

Travel companion

If you’re planning to stay with a friend for the night, you will probably need to take a change of clothes.

The Overnighter Backpack offers that extra storage, meaning you have space for the essentials. You can also combine it with the Pro section to bring along your laptop and other small items.

travel companion 07

All of this fits in one backpack

When you want to spread your wings further, the Weekender set will come in useful. This includes both backpacks and the Weekender Duffle. Just like the other bags, the duffle is water-resistant and beautifully crafted.

[tweet_box]The new 6-in-1 Duffle Backpack Sport set from Wool & Oak lets you build the perfect bag for any trip, with multiple zip-on sections.[/tweet_box]

travel companion 05

The mighty Duffle

As a standalone, it has two small and sturdy carry handles and two outer zipped pockets. But you can also zip it onto the Pro backpack. This arrangement holds five days-worth of kit, with the Duffle’s compression strap helping to secure the load.

travel companion 09

Travel light (on your feet)

The full Voyager set includes all three bags in your chosen color. This allows you to switch between all the various setups. In addition, you can take both backpack modules and the separate duffle as carry-on luggage.

“Three interconnecting bags, six styles: The Pro, Overnighter Backpack, and Weekender Duffle. Pack them individually for daily travels, or zip them together in three stylish, carry-on ready combinations when you venture further.” — Wool & Oak on Kickstarter

travel companion 04

Affordable quality

Things we like

Quite apart from the clever zip-together design, these bags offer tremendous quality at an affordable price. Even the full Voyager set will only cost you $259 on Kickstarter.

Stumbling blocks

Our only concerns relate to the zips. How much weight will they be able to handle? Wool & Oak are still in the final prototype stage, so only time will tell.


– Kickstarter: Until March 29th

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Delivery: October 2018

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