Ergonomic home office gear for more comfortable workdays

Work from home all or some of the time? Ensure your home office is healthy and comfortable with these ergonomic workspace gadgets.

Ergonomic home office gear for more comfortable workdays
Twelve South HoverBar Duo has an ergonomic design

You want your office to support your productivity—and your health. And when your office is at home, you can trick it out with the ergonomic home office gear of your dreams. Split keyboards, standing desks, and the like can have huge impacts on how you feel while working.

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Do you experience wrist pain after hours of typing? Take the pressure off your hands with an ergonomic mouse like the Logitech Lift Vertical Mouse. It keeps your hand in a more natural, comfortable position.

Then, if you experience back pain from sitting at your desk, consider switching to a standing desk, like the Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Desk.

Working from home should be comfortable. Plan for it with these gadgets.

1. Enjoy a better sitting posture as well as improve your lumbar curve at work with the VILNO. CO NOBEL kneeling chair.

VILNO. CO NOBEL kneeling chair in use

It reduces aches and pains, enhancing alertness and increasing productivity. So you get up feeling better—without the pains associated with traditional chairs. By keeping your back in action, this kneeling chair helps you maintain a balanced sitting position, even as you move around. This landed it on our list of the best ergonomic home office gear.

You can get this kneeling chair for $289.95.

2. Move to your preferred position when you game using the NINJA Professional height-adjustable gaming desk.

NINJA Professional height-adjustable gaming desk in use

With a super stable design, this gaming desk feels rock solid even when raised to full height. In fact, it can support a maximum load of 120 kg. With a tough scratch-resistant powder coating, the NINJA has a black gaming top. Made in Sweden, it comes in 3 sizes and uses a flush-fitting memory inlay switch set into the desktop surface, and it protrudes less than 2 mm.

You can get yours for about $1,029.

3. Eliminate eye strain while you work with one of the best pieces of ergonomic home office gear: the Ocushield Oculamp desk lamp with low blue light.

Ocushield Oculamp desk lamp in focus

Suitable to use in an office or a home setting, this desk lamp includes 3 color settings to accommodate different times of the day. For example, the cool white setting is great for when you want your space at its brightest. To remain kinder to your eyes, the neutral white is great for long periods of work.

You can get yours at a discounted price of $130.

4. Make videoconferencing so much easier with the PauseMe videoconferencing button.

PauseMe videoconferencing button product design

Designed to control your video and microphones, this videoconferencing button makes it easy to improve your virtual Zoom meetings. This video and microphone controller seamlessly toggles between on and off settings for both your video and microphone. So you can instantly stop your video from being visible if a family member or pet walks on screen and you’d prefer privacy. This is a piece of ergonomic home office gear you’ll love.

You can get yours for only $30.

5. Say goodbye to wrist pains once and for all with the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse.

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse demo video

Suitable for small to medium hands—with a left-handed option available—it’s great for daily use. Moreover, this computer mouse has a more vertical design compared to traditional computer mice. In fact, its 57° angle puts less pressure on your wrist and places your arm and upper body in a natural position. Best of all, the soft grip and easy-to-reach buttons allow you to work more comfortably.

You can get yours for $69.99.

6. Relax in style and comfort even while you are at work with the Modulax zero-gravity recliner, a great piece of ergonomic home office gear.

Modulax Sofer zero-gravity recliner in gray

This luxurious seat has a zero-gravity design that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. After you lean back, you’ll never want to lean forward again! Furthermore, made with Brazilian leather, the Sofer has the finest craftsmanship. With a long-lasting battery, it boasts 3 to 6 weeks of power on a single charge.

You can get yours for a discounted price of $1,999.

7. Work comfortably with the Twelve South HoverBar Duo (2nd gen) flexible iPad arm.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo (2nd gen) in white

This flexible arm includes a weighted desktop base and an adjustable shelf clamp. Use it for everything from recipes to work presentations. In fact, this iPhone or iPad arm can help you get through your day with your mobile devices even more easily. It comes in 2 colors—black or matte white—to match your desk or workspace.

You can get yours for $79.99.

8. Helping you focus your workflow, the AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard has a design inspired by vintage range finder cameras.

AZIO FOQO Wireless Keyboard product design

Inspired by vintage range finder cameras and their lenses, this keyboard supports anyone who needs one. Helping you focus your workflow, it lets you program customizable shortcuts using the central lens-inspired control knob. Made with durability in mind, it has a robust design that incorporates dual aluminum plates and a leather-textured body.

You can get yours for $160.99.

9. The Lexon City Energy Pro wireless charging station sits beautifully on your work desk and charges your devices in no time.

Lexon City Energy Pro wireless charging station in use

Power any Qi-enabled smartphone with the Lexon City Energy Pro wireless charging station. Delivering 10 watts of power, it’ll charge your devices in no time. It also has a 3-watt Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to music at your desk. Moreover, the Lexon City Energy Pro has LED light indicators to show when it’s charging. Best of all, this wireless charging station offers a range of 10 meters.

You can get yours for $69.90.

10. With Prone Cushion, take advantage of the naturally therapeutic posture.

Prone Cushion ergonomic cushion in use

Experience true comfort when you lay on the Prone Cushion ergonomic cushion. With a patent-pending design and science-backed engineering, it boasts medically accepted health benefits. Designed to conform to the human body’s shape, Prone Cushion’s ergonomic support is ideal for laying on your stomach. Whether you’re watching a show, video chatting with family, working, or reading, it lets you chill in a comfortable position.

You can preorder yours for $149.

Which of these products would you get for your work desk? Share with us in the comments below.

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