Never sleep through your alarm with Forte

When your bed is comfortable, it’s all too easy to sleep through your alarm. If you struggle to wake up, Forte should fix the problem. This extra-loud alarm clock can blast you out of bed with 100dB.

Never sleep through your alarm with Forte
Forte extra-loud alarm clock
  • What is the best time to wake up? There is no magic time. However, sticking to a set routine will help your body wake up at the right time.
  • Is coffee a good morning drink? Yes, it can give you a boost — but wait until an hour after you wake up for the fullest possible effect!
  • What is the loudest alarm clock? With a top volume of 100dB, Forte has to be one of the loudest alarm clocks ever made.

While some people wake up at the smallest sound, others find it more difficult to reach full consciousness. For those of us who reach this level of complete relaxation, even a blaring alarm clock may not be enough. If you often sleep through your alarm, it might be time to upgrade. As the name suggests, Forte offers tough love. When it’s time to wake up, this beast will crank up the noise.

How do you avoid sleeping through your alarm?

In recent years, alarm clocks have become much smarter. Some use light to nudge your brain into action. Others take away the snooze button.

Forte takes a far simpler approach. This extra-loud alarm clock makes it almost impossible to keep on sleeping — however much you want to stay put.

extra-loud alarm 03

You will struggle to sleep through Forte’s alarm

The clock lets you choose from six different alarm sounds and five levels of loudness. The nine-inch screen is easy to read, even with blurry eyes, and you control the clock using simple buttons.

alarm clock 01

No touchscreen, only buttons

Unlike many smart alarms, this clock doesn’t need charging. You simply plug it into the wall and go. As a result, you won’t miss an alarm because you forgot to charge your clock or phone.

[tweet_box]If you struggle to wake up, Forte should fix the problem. This extra-loud alarm clock can blast you out of bed with 100dB.[/tweet_box]

Extra-loud alarm

The smart features don’t end there. Forte works in ten different languages, and the auto-dimming feature ensures you won’t be kept awake by ambient light. Forte also comes with an adjustable stand, meaning you can find the perfect angle for viewing.

alarm clock 02

Forte offers loads of options

Ever set your alarm for the wrong day or the wrong time? Forte has you covered. The clock’s countdown feature shows you how long it’ll be until the alarm next sounds — great when you have important plans.

extra-loud alarm 03

You can angle Forte how you like

With a maximum volume of 100dB, Forte is great for heavy sleepers and people with hearing problems. Even if you don’t need the full volume, it makes a great addition to any nightstand.

“At Forte, we believe a reliable alarm clock should behave like a mission critical device, always on and always available. Forte is bursting with modern day functionalities, including customizable timer settings, a seamless navigation system, and ten easy to remember icons.” — Screaming Meanie on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

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Upgrade your nightstand with Forte

While many smart alarms are quite complicated, Forte provides a simple solution to an age-old problem. The clock is easy to use, packed with great features, and loud enough to wake the dead!

Future designs

Forte is currently available in a clean white finish. But if this Kickstarter does well, we may see other colors made available.


– Kickstarter: Until September 22nd

– Pledge: $60 USD

– Delivery: January 2020

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