11 Gadgets to make your morning routine smarter

As the sun rises above the horizon, each new day begins with a frantic dash for work and school. These smart gadgets should improve your morning routine and make waking up a little less painful.

11 Gadgets to make your morning routine smarter
  • What are the best gadgets for improved sleep? Take a look through our bedtime category for soothing lights, blackout masks and white noise devices.
  • Can you schedule a coffee maker for the morning? Yes! Even if your machine doesn’t have this feature, you can use a smart plug.
  • How do you make waking up less painful? Smart lights can help your body prepare for waking up in the morning by simulating sunrise.

At the beginning of each day, your alarm is the starting gun for a very chaotic race. From washing your hair to preparing breakfast, there is much to do in a short time. These smart gadgets should make your morning routine a little less stressful.

Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

Slapping cold shaving gel or foam on your face can be a shock to the system. This neat gadget warms your chosen product in just two minutes.

Price: $19.99 USD

Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station

If you like to start the day with a hearty meal, the Retro Series breakfast station should be on your wishlist. With a griddle, a coffee maker, and a toaster oven, it can feed the whole family.

Price: $69.99 USD

Y-Brush 10-Second Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

In the morning rush, it’s easy to skip brushing your teeth. Y-Brush offers a faster solution, with vibrating silicone-tipped bristles that work their magic in just 10 seconds.

Price: $125 USD

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Smarter 2nd Generation Connected Coffee Machine

For many of us, caffeine is an essential part of every morning. The Smarter coffee machine lets you schedule a brew for getting-up time and request some java through Alexa or Google.

Price: $249.99 USD

Lenovo Smart Google Assistant Clock

This nightstand clock lets you check your schedule and receive a weather forecast before you get out of bed. It’s also great for ordering that coffee and controlling your smart lights.

Price: $79.99 USD

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

The catchily-named HF3520 from Philips is a bedside alarm clock that uses subtle light to wake you in the morning. It’s like being awoken by the rising sun.

Price: $99.95 USD

Aqua Dew Alexa Shower Speaker

Thanks to a waterproof design, the Aqua Dew speaker lets you enjoy music and radio while you shower. It also works with Alexa, meaning you can order that coffee.

Price: $84 USD

ZENS Dual+Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger

When you’re late for work, the last thing you need is multiple cables to wrestle with. The ZENS wireless charger makes things easier, with space for two phones and your Apple Watch.

Price: $111.63 USD

Balmuda The Toaster

If you hate burnt toast, you need Balmuda. This ingenious device uses a small amount of steam to maintain temperature control, meaning your bread comes out perfectly golden.

Price: $348.09 USD

VogDUO USB-C Car Charger

Forgot to charge your devices overnight? No problem — you can top up your phone and tablet during your drive to work with the VogDUO car charger.

Price: $39.99 USD

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

This remarkable bathroom mirror provides a tru-lux light system to help you apply makeup. It also has a built-in smart speaker and a smart night-light.

Price: $400 USD, coming September 2019

Smart gadgets for your morning routine

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