FireCult Leather Sleeves – Fashion and Protection in One

FireCult Leather Sleeves – Fashion and Protection in One

Laptops and computers are expensive to purchase and even more costly to repair. A precious MacBook costs even more and keeping the pristine silver UniBody frame clean and scratch free is a feat in itself. Having the FireCult Leather Sleeve makes the task beautifully simple with great style.

Developed from a love of Apple products and the inherent desire to keep them looking great, the range of FireCult Leather Sleeves are just as beautiful as they are functional. There’s a sleeve option for the MacBook Pro line including the 12-inch, 13-inch, and 15-inch, as well as the MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch.

FireCult black sleeve

Made with fine, soft leather, the FireCult Leather Sleeves offer incredible protection from life’s bumps and dings. Following in the footsteps of Apple’s commitment to equally fashionable and functional products, each sleeve is handmade and totally unique from the rest. The leather is luxuriously smooth to the touch, providing an extra step of elegance to your beloved MacBook.

FireCult Burgundy

However, the beauty of the FireCult Leather Sleeves doesn’t stop on the outside. Using the natural and abundant properties of the leather, the sleeves keep your MacBook safe from blisteringly hot or extremely cold temperatures as it snugly fits each corner to provide cushioned protection. The top layer of leather has a slight, curved cut out to give you easy access to your laptop. The laptop can even be charged while remaining in the sleeve for added convenience.

07 - firecult macbook thick black leather sleeve - 1300 x1000

The single piece of leather is stitched on two sides for a longer lasting structure and safety. Whether you tend to cram your laptop into your bag with everything else you own or you’re simply prone to bumps and drops, the FireCult Leather Sleeve range will make sure your most prized possession remains safe.

FireCult red

Check out the full range of FireCult Leather Sleeves to see the options for leather including black, brown, red, and burgundy. Simple and minimalist yet bold, these sleeves make a statement no matter what your style. Be sure to also browse their range of sleeves for other Apple products.

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