Freedom of Speech Is the New Cards Against Humanity

Freedom of Speech Is the New Cards Against Humanity

Among party games, one has towered above the rest in recent years. Cards Against Humanity gives even the shyest person the opportunity to unleash their dirty mind. But after your hundredth game, you might be looking for something different. Enter Freedom of Speech, the brand new party game with bad intentions. It’s like an adult version of charades, complete with naughty cues and team-based rivalry. From family feuds to big nights in with your housemates, this game looks sure to cause laughter.

– Teams race against the clock to identify words based on their team-mates’ clues

– Clues range from the inappropriate to the downright dirty

– 400 cards to keep you laughing for years

New Cards, New Fun

Once the drinks start to flow, everyone tends to let their guard down. What was inappropriate becomes the funniest idea ever put into words. Sharing these stomach-aching laughs with friends is what parties are all about.

The genius of Cards Against Humanity is that it fosters the same spirit between total strangers. Minutes after meeting your college roommates, you can be laughing about sexual misdemeanors and drunk messages.

new cards 03

The same goes for Freedom of Speech, except this game is even better with groups of friends. You can play anywhere, and each deck is filled with hilarious prompts.

new cards 04

Charades for Adults

Remember Charades? That’s the game you probably played with your grandparents every Thanksgiving. One person mimes a mystery word or phrase; everyone else has to decipher the weird movements. The first person to guess correctly wins.

new cards 06

This is pretty much how Freedom of Speech goes, albeit with a couple of subtle differences. For starters, everyone is split into teams. Rather than thinking of things to mime, players take a card from the deck.

Each card provides a word or phrase that you must mime to your team mates. You can also use verbal clues — the only rule is that you can’t mention the actual answer.

new cards 01

You play against the clock, with the teams taking it in turns. The first team that guesses 21 cards correctly takes the W.

Laughter Factory

Of course, a game like this isn’t really about the competition. The thing that makes Freedom of Speech great is the sheer rudeness of the cards. Without going NSFW, let’s just say that more sensitive souls should look elsewhere.

new cards 02

If you can take a joke, however, this game will keep you laughing for years. Each set comes with 400 cards, so there’s little chance of anyone getting bored.

Folks with shorter attention spans might want to play an abridged game. Likewise, regular players will be looking out for expansion packs in the near future. But Freedom of Speech has all the ingredients to become the next cult hit.

new cards 07

“This game is just a way to get people to lighten up, laugh and have fun without putting so much weight on others’ opinions of us. We live in America and everyone is different; that’s what makes us great! We shouldn’t let other people’s views affect or hurt us… I’ve heard of comedians refusing to perform at colleges because no matter what they say, someone will get offended.”

“Right now, with all of this terrorism and general chaos between nations, I think laughter is exactly what we need.” — Nico Muoio on Kickstarter

new cards 05

What We ❤️

This game can start the party in 10 minutes flat. Just remember not to use any of your mimes at work ;)

Future Designs

Adding different ways to play and themed expansion packs could really improve the longevity of this game.


– Kickstarter: Until October 26th

– Pledge: $25 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get a free upgrade to priority shipping!

– Delivery: December 2017

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