Gadget Flow partners with nok—try out gadgets for $0 down

We are happy to announce that we recently partnered with nok, an exciting free at-home product tryout platform for high-end products. With nok, you get an opportunity to try out some of the most trending and new high-end gadgets at home, before you buy them, for free!

Gadget Flow partners with nok—try out gadgets for $0 down

Whenever you buy a product from the web, you often ask yourself whether or not you will find it useful. Be it a simple backpack or a high-tech smart home controller, the product may not suit your needs after a few days of use. Or it may even lack the features it promised. With your money already spent, you may feel let down and lose trust in those products or brands.

But there’s a way you can actually make those smart purchasing decisions without facing hours of research and sifting through questionably authentic reviews. And you don’t have to hand over a dime until you have already tried the product at home. Introducing nok—the platform that lets you try products at home, for $0 down, before you decide to buy.

nok: try for $0 down - free delivery - free easy returns
nok: try for $0 down—free delivery—free easy returns

Free delivery + free easy returns + discount

With nok, you can try high-end products before you buy them for $0 down. The service is 100% free, including delivery and returns.

The coolest feature is that you can actually experience the product in your own home for 5–7 days. So you and your family or friends have time to give the product a proper try.

Next time you’re looking to buy something online, try it directly from nok. There’s even an exclusive discount revealed once your product is delivered and your tryout starts.

If you feel the product isn’t a great fit for you, you can easily return it to nok. It requires no forms or printers, and every package comes with a prepaid return label. All you have to do is drop it off. The company even offers return pickup in select locations.

nok featured category on Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow partners with nok

Starting today, you will see a featured category for products available through nok. Check them out and use this tryout service by clicking the button to redirect to the nok website.

Trying out products before you buy them just became possible with nok.

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