Best of MWC 2024: HONOR AI phones, Lenovo transparent laptop, and more

MWC is an extravaganza of new smartphones and other tech. Check out our top picks from this year's event.

Best of MWC 2024: HONOR AI phones, Lenovo transparent laptop, and more
Check out the best gadgets and tech of MWC 2024

MWC 2024 is well underway in Barcelona. My team members are on the floor, scouting the latest products and tech innovations to share with you. And you won’t be disappointed. Tech companies have had some pretty big announcements this week. I’m rounding them up for you in our best of MWC 2024 blog.

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First, Xiaomi presented its first-ever EV: the Xiaomi SU7. The brand hasn’t revealed many details about the car. But we know it will boast a premium design with 5 core EV technologies from Xiaomi: E-Motor, Xiaomi Die Casting, CTB Integrated Battery, Smart Cabin, and Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving.

Then, Google introduced more AI to its services via Gemini. So you can expect the AI to pop up in your Android Messaging app, helping you write better text messages on the fly. There will also be AI-generated captions for images, and Google Docs will support hand-written markup, among other features.

But let’s get back to the gadgets. From the new Honor smartphones to Samsung Smart Ring, there’s a stash of new products to get excited about. Here are 5 of my favorites.

1. The HONOR Magic6 Series

Honor Magic6 Pro
HONOR Magic6 Pro in color options

HONOR introduced its AI-powered Magic6 Series to the global market. The phones include the Magic6, Magic6 Lite and Magic6 Pro. As the flagship device, the Magic6 Pro has a Snapdragon 8 gen 3 SoC, runs the Android 14-based MagicOS 8, and has AI features.

I love the Magic6 Pro’s elegant shape and robust photography advancements. And, with AI features that simplify Google Map navigation and sharing/access to social media apps, it’s a pretty cutting-edge phone. It’s even slated to have smartphone eye-tracking features. So you can expect advanced human-phone interactions in the future.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring in a lifestyle photo

Want to track your health without wearing a bulky smartwatch 24/7? Then Samsung’s announcement of a Galaxy Ring is welcome news. The ring marks the brand’s entry into the health and wellness wearable sectors.

Slim and comfortable for all-day wear, the ring tracks your sleep. Then, integrated sensors monitor your heart rate, breathing, and movement to collect data about your health and rest. We don’t know about the device’s battery life yet, so stay tuned for more news.

3. The Lenovo Project Crystal

Lenovo Project Crystal on a table

One of the coolest devices out of MWC is Lenovo’s transparent laptop, the Project Crystal. It looks like something from a sci-fi flic, with a display that’s as clear as glass. Its images seem to float in mid-air and its onboard AI can overlay digital information onto physical objects.

This laptop is just a concept for now, so it will be a while before we see something like it available for purchase. Until then, I’ll devour images of the clear keyboard and borderless screen. It definitely belongs on our best of MWC 2024 roundup.

4. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone

Xiaomi 14 Ultra snapping a photo

Launched at MWC, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is billed as a camera-like smartphone, and that’s no hyperbole. Co-engineered with Leica, it features a new 1-inch Sony LYT-900 sensor and a variable aperture system. With these features, you can take photographic shots from a smartphone.

I appreciate the phone’s design. Outfitted with a circular lens array and leather-like exterior, it looks just like a classic camera when you hold it horizontally to take a photo. The camera-like look is even more obvious when you pair the phone with the Camera Kit. It adds a convenient grip and external battery to the 14 Ultra.

5. The Motorola Adaptive Display

One of the most future-forward smartphones out of MWC is the Motorola Adaptive Display. This concept phone looks like a typical smartphone. However, it bends into different forms and shapes.

So you can wrap it around your wrist for easy carry. It even bends into a standing position, eliminating the need for a smartphone stand. I love products that can do double duty, so I really hope to see these features in upcoming phones.

6. The OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2 in color options

Got a smartwatch that works for only 8 hours at a time? Then check out the OnePlus Watch 2. According to the brand, it runs for up to 100 hours in Smart Mode. This redesign of OnePlus’s firs smartwatch also has superior performance with the Snapdragon W5 + BES2700 flagship chipsets.

I like the circular watch face, reminiscent of a classic analog watch. The sapphire crystal lens and stainless steel chassis keep it shiny, free of scratches, and durable. Also, with the ability to track more than 100 sports, it suits the needs of fitness buffs.

7. The Humane Ai Pin wearable AI device

Our team saw the Humane Ai Pin at MWC 2024. You’ve likely seen this little AI pin floating around tech channels. It’s supposed to keep users connected while they take a break from screens. Equipped with generative AI, it can answer questions and identify objects.

Screenless, it does have a laser that shines text and menus onto your hand. Reviewers have called this gadget both impressive and frustrating. I think it’s a cool gadget that helps a person spend less time staring at a display.

8. The Xiaomi Cyber Dog 2

Xiaomi Cyber Dog 2 side view

Xiaomi ditched its first Cyber Dog’s flat, nearly threatening-looking head for one that’s a little cuter in the Cyber Dog 2. It, too, was at MWC this week, and our team got to see it in action. It has improved mobility over its predecessor and is more agile.

In fact, it can even do flips from a moving skateboard. Xiaomi says it can also control compatible smart home gadgets like the vacuum cleaner, TV, and air conditioner. Plus, 19 sensors allow it to see, touch, and hear its environment.

9. The HONOR Pad 9

HONOR Pad 9 side and top view

In addition to its release of the HONOR Magic6 Series phones, Honor also introduced its HONOR Pad 9 at MWC 2024. I’m excited about this mid-range tablet because it offers a large bezel-free screen and is certified eye-safe.

What’s more, this tablet suits both work and entertainment purposes thanks to its lightweight design. It’s the ideal device for someone who uses a tablet as a notebook at work or school and uses it for games or movies after hours.

10. HONOR MagicBook Pro 16

MagicBook Pro 16 in white

HONOR also showed off its MagicBook Pro 16 at the event. Equipped with oodles of AI, this laptop enables AI-empowered cross OS-collaboration among other enhanced features.

There aren’t many reviews available of the laptop yet, so I’ll have to wait to give my final opinion. But I do think that the 3K Eye Comfort Screen is beautiful and comfortable to look at.

Well, that’s a wrap on the best of MWC 2024. As you can see, top tech companies had some major product and innovation announcements at the show, giving us more to look forward to in the coming months.

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