The GRENGINE Offers Unlimited Power to All of Your Devices

The GRENGINE Offers Unlimited Power to All of Your Devices

For those of you who have a big sense of adventure, hitting the open road with a little spontaneity is nothing short of a dream come true. While the fresh air and impending camping are both things to look forward to, being stranded without power certainly is not. Enter GRENGINE. A total evolution in portable power, GRENGINE:
– is eco-friendly
– remains highly portable
– is super powerful

Unlike other portable power sources out there, GRENGINE is emission-free, lightweight, and features interchangeable batteries for total convenience. Did I mention is also runs completely silently?

The GRENGINE Offers Unlimited Power to All of Your Devices

Rechargeable Superpower

The unique design of GRENGINE allows the interchangeable batteries to be effortlessly swapped out whenever you need. These super batteries hold an incredible 1200 Watt hours to power anything you’d like. Because they’re modular, you can choose how much power (and therefore weight) you take with you. When the batteries need recharging, you can easily plug them directly into a wall outlet or even top up with a solar panel. Best of all, when it comes time to recycle them, the batteries can be individually removed so you don’t need to buy a whole new unit.

The GRENGINE Offers Unlimited Power to All of Your Devices

Whole Lotta Power

Based on other portable power devices, I can see why you may be skeptical. But, the GRENGINE packs a lot of juice. Because of the stackable battery design, you have virtually unlimited power. But, just a single battery on GRENGINE can power a mini-fridge for up to 40 hours, a 32-inch LCD TV for up to 12 hours, a desktop for 12 hours, and even a portable hot tub for an hour!

The GRENGINE Offers Unlimited Power to All of Your Devices

Designed for Convenience

The GRENGINE weighs just 24lbs and measures 13 inches wide and 11 inches long so you can pack and store it anywhere. On the front is an easy-to-read screen to show how much power is remaining in each battery. Additionally, the front features four standard outlets, a 12V DC outlet, and multiple USB ports. With GRENGINE, your power opportunities are limitless.

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What We Love

In addition to being convenient for anywhere and everywhere, GRENGINE is eco-friendly. With no harmful emissions, it can even be used inside!

What We’d Like to See in the Future

It’s clear that the creators of GRENGINE are talented in the design department. We wonder just how small they can get this device and still deliver power.


Indiegogo: End of January
– Pledge: $2475 gets you all the bells and whistles
– Delivery: April 2017

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