This compact GaN charger gives you seriously impressive power for your workspace devices

Want to power all of your devices quickly with the same charger? It's possible with the VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger. This handy little gadget powers up to three devices simultaneously with 65W of power. So your devices will be up and running in no time, all from a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Learn more about this useful charger in the blog post.

This compact GaN charger gives you seriously impressive power for your workspace devices
VogDUO 65W GaN PD in leather

Charge your laptop, tablet, smartphones, drones, and more in half the time of similar chargers with the VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger. This compact GaN charger features 65W of power, giving your gadgets the juice they need quickly. It’s a useful gadget for your WFH setup because, if you’re like us, you’ve got all of your important devices there. And it’s best if they always have a full charge.

You’re completing an online purchase when the bank sends a confirmation passcode to your phone via text. It’s then that your phone, which had been at a reliable 10% of power all afternoon, dies at an anachronism moment. You’ll have to plug your phone into your charger and redo the entire purchase. That needn’t have happened if you had the VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger in your workspace. This GaN charger actually powers three devices simultaneously and boasts a small footprint, so it’s easy to keep on your desk. And with its genuine leather exterior with hand stitching and edging, it looks gorgeous. Let’s check out its features.

This compact GaN charger gives you seriously impressive power VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger
VogDUO 65W GaN PD close up

Fast-charge three devices at once

Your workspace surely has three devices. With a laptop, smartphone, and tablet you use for work, you’ll probably charge each of them once a day. But you don’t need three separate chargers to do that anymore. This compact GaN charger lets you fast charge up to three devices at once. That’s thanks to its USB C-1 port that gives you a maximum output of 65W. And, with the other USB-C port, you get a shared power output of 63W, which is best for mobile devices. Meanwhile, the USB-A port delivers up to QC 30W.

VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger
VogDUO 65W GaN PD top view

Get PD USB-C power

The PD USB-C power and the standard USB port of the VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger are ideal for power-demanding devices. When you plug your devices into this charger, you can just sit back and enjoy your films and games without worrying about the power input into your device.

Choose a compact charger

Yep, you’ve got quite a few gadgets to charge throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean your charger has to take up a foot of space on your desk. This compact GaN charger measures just 2.56″ x 1.26″ x 1.42″, so it has a tiny footprint. And it’s vertical positioning means you can still plug other electronics into your outlet. If you’re a person who likes their smart workspace to be clear of clutter, this is the gadget for you.

Check out the collapsible design

Another hangup of typical chargers is the plug itself. Those prongs take up space in your bag or backpack and have the potential to scratch your other tech. But with the VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger, that’s not a concern. This practical charger has a plug that folds 90°. So when you want to take it with you to the office, simply fold the plug to keep it flush against the device. Your other devices will stay safe, and so will the GaN charger.

Enjoy a GaN charger with a leather exterior

One of the VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger’s coolest features is its genuine leather exterior. It gives the entire device a soft, tender touch. According to VogDUO’s website, the company selects the best leather and uses unique craftsmanship for each product, and each charger is stitched and edged by hand. This way, no two chargers are entirely alike. It’s a pretty unique feature and not something you typically find when it comes to tech products. This natural cover gives a classic vibe to any desk or workspace. It’s also heatproof, so you can touch this charger without burning yourself.

Keep your devices protected

If a storm has ever ruined one of your devices, you know how important it is for chargers to have certain safeguards. And this compact GaN charger gives you plenty of multi-protection designs. With over temperature protection (OTP), over current protection (OCP), and Over Voltage Protection (OVP), you can be sure that the devices you plug into this charger will remain in good condition.

The VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger is an exciting new office gadget for workplaces of any sort. It allows users to charge up to three devices simultaneously. And with 65W of power, it achieves that in a short amount of time. Half the size of similar chargers, it fits easily on your wall outlet and is a breeze to travel with. Finally, with its genuine leather exterior, this tech feels soft in your hand and looks good in your office. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to keep your devices charged, this compact GaN charger is it.

The VogDUO 65W GaN PD Wall Charger typically costs $59.99. You can currently get it for $49.99 on the official website. What are your favorite workspace gadgets? Tell us about your discoveries in the comments.

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