Meet LEVI–a levitating turntable inspired by Harman Kardon

Enhance your music experience with the Harman Kardon LEVI. It levitates during movement to create a mind-blowing action that'll impress guests. Read this blog to explore more about this concept turntable.

Meet LEVI–a levitating turntable inspired by Harman Kardon
Levitating turntable design

If you love listening to music, you’ve probably explored many of the smart speakers available in today’s digital age. These feature multi-room connectivity, voice assistant with increased response time, and even innovative designs that create a mirage.

The newest addition to the smart world is the Harman Kardon LEVI—a levitating turntable that looks like it’s powered by magic. But not only is it incredible to watch in action, but it enhances your listening experience.

Harman Kardon LEVI

Harman Kardon LEVI on an angle

A modern take on a traditional turntable

Turntables have so much beauty to them: loudness limits, surface noise, a lossless format, and more. But their traditional design can be a bit, well traditional, for some music lovers. Fortunately, Harman Kardon LEVI provides a modern twist on an original way of enjoying music. In particular, it boasts a levitating nature for a mesmerizing design. This movement is powered by the electromagnetic drive and coils that literally make this smart turntable levitate.

Furthermore, this turntable’s aesthetics will have you in awe—even while it’s not in action. Sporting swappable tonearms in impressive white, orange, and black colors, every movement is like a dance. And for further aesthetic enhancement, the pendulum offers a smooth motion as it rises and gracefully falls.

This tasteful appearance is accentuated by the four modes: soothing, refreshing, sweet, and bittersweet. Therefore, you can obtain an ideal listening mode for any music genre.

Harman Kardon LEVI

Harman Kardon LEVI side view

Enhance your music experience with ease

LEVI isn’t just something to look at in your home; it enhances your listening experience, too. For example, as the platter moves up and down in a rhythmic pattern, it plays the notes with pure smoothness that you’ll want to melt into.

In addition, you can easily adjust the playing speed from 12–17 rpm via the chick dial. This speed range is ideal for listening to slow jams, helping to create an ambient mood in your home.

Alternative exciting turntables to buy

If LEVI isn’t everything you’re looking for, we’ve got a plethora of exciting, high-tech turntables on Gadget Flow. For example, the Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut RecordMaster is available for USB computer connection and is easy to operate. With no frills or smart features, it primarily focuses on delivering exceptional audio. 

Alternatively, the Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c is a limited edition version made with a handcrafted oak frame and dust lid. And it also includes small components to improve durability.

At the moment, there’s no release date or price set for the Harman Kardon LEVI. But is this something you’d love to own when it’s available on the market? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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