The Innovative Haut Potager Kitchen Garden Will Make You Crave Veggies

The Innovative Haut Potager Kitchen Garden Will Make You Crave Veggies

Thanks to greenhouses and refrigerated transport, there is no such thing as the ‘growing season.’ At any time of year, you can dash into your local grocery store at 8pm and purchase some oregano or kale. But for all the convenience, something is lost. Those days spent in transit take away the fresh edge that herbs and veggies should provide. With the Haut Potager kitchen garden, you can rediscover that organic taste. This handsome planter makes it easy to grow greens right outside your door. It even manages its own water supply.

– Handmade system makes it easy to grow herbs and veggies

– Self-sufficient watering system ensures your greens stay healthy

– Comes with organic substrate, providing nutrients to promote growth

Raised Kitchen Garden

Raised planters are popular with many modern gardeners. Being isolated from the surrounding garden, they stay relatively free of weeds. Furthermore, you don’t have to bend double to remove snails or pick your produce. It’s a smart way to grow things, overall.

On first inspection, the Haut Potager kitchen garden appears to be much like other raised planters. Having assembled the solid wood frame, you have a mini garden that stands two feet tall. But that’s where this planter starts doing things that others cannot.

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The Haut Potager has an organic substrate that expands massively as you deliver water. Unlike regular compost, this substance maintains the perfect amount of moisture for your plants.

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Perfect Veggies

There is no doubting the quality of the Haut Potager. It comes flat packed, but this is no IKEA build.

You don’t need any special tools or skills to assemble your planter. The wood slots together easily and holds firm. You then place the supplied substrate on the bottom of your planter. It should be ready for seeds in just one hour.

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The planter measures slightly more than 39 inches long and 24 inches wide. This gives you ample room for herbs and smaller veggies, although you may struggle with potatoes. On the plus side, you don’t need much outdoor space.

The timber comes from sustainable forests, and it measures 1.5 inches thick. It is also naturally rot-proof, with no nasty chemicals applied.

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Handsfree Gardening

Many plants are like Goldilocks — they need just the right amount of water to grow. What’s more, their needs change with the time of year and climatic conditions.

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With the Haut Potager, you don’t need to give water a second thought. Just top up the built-in reservoir every couple of weeks, and your plants will look after themselves. In addition, this planter saves 80% on your water usage. As a result, you should always have an assortment of organic herbs and veggies, right outside your door.

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It’s not clear for how long the substrate will provide nutrients. Presumably the worst case scenario is having to replace it wholesale after so long. And let’s face it — that’s a whole lot easier than messing about with plant food.

“You don’t need any tools, hardware, or special expertise in order to quickly assemble Haut Potager. Which makes it ready to grow after just an hour!”

“Haut Potager is self-sufficient for up for two weeks, solving common problems such as insufficient or excess watering and drastically reducing water loss through evaporation or drainage.” — Haut Potager on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

The delicious taste of fresh greens, without any of the hassle of gardening.

Future Designs

Slightly higher beds would be welcome, as would different sizes.


– Kickstarter: Until November 9th

– Pledge: $249 USD

– Delivery: March 2018

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