Why you should buy a smart garden for your kitchen this spring

Love the taste of fresh herbs but just can't get a plant to grow? Then spring 2021 is the year you should buy a smart kitchen garden, and we'll explain why. Check out this blog post to learn how these clever, practical kits can enhance your cooking and make you a gardening pro.

Why you should buy a smart garden for your kitchen this spring
Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO in a home

Spring is nearly here. And with the days growing longer and the temperatures warming, you might be thinking about starting a kitchen garden. After all, it’s a great way to add extra flavor and vitamins to your food. But if you’re an urban dweller, you might not have access to direct sunlight, a backyard, or even a balcony. And that’s where a smart kitchen garden comes in. These garden gadgets make it easy to grow your ideal kitchen garden, no matter your space or skills.

Smart kitchen garden kits are more advanced than you’d think. The latest versions come with LED grow lights and connect to your mobile device. From there, you can manage and set schedules for plant care. Or you could simply let the system take care of all that for you. With features like these, you’re practically guaranteed a good yield. So, with all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at why you should buy a smart kitchen gadget this spring.

1. Grow healthy plants with or without direct sunlight

Think you need a large window that gets plenty of morning sun to grow healthy plants at home? Actually, with the latest smart kitchen gardens, that’s not a requirement. Many kits, like the ēdn SmallGarden Indoor Connected Garden, come with built-in LED lights, so they don’t even need to be near a window to thrive. So yes, with the right kit, you can totally set up a herb garden in your apartment kitchen. Other kits can even do well in a room with regular lighting.

2. Make gardening foolproof

Do you love fresh plants but can’t keep a cactus alive? Another great feature of smart kitchen garden kits is that they’re pretty foolproof. For some kits, like the Grobo Premium Smart Indoor Garden, all you have to do is choose the seed, and the system does the rest in terms of watering, lighting, and nutrients. And of course, it takes into account the needs of the plants you’re growing. So you won’t have to worry about overwatering your cilantro or giving your chives too much sun. Your smart garden already has it covered.

3. Try a variety of plants with a subscription service

With a smart kitchen garden kit, you aren’t stuck growing the same herb or vegetable week after week. Quite a few of the kits come with subscription seed services that send you new seeds once you’ve eaten a harvest. Some of the options can be quite interesting, like the Hamama Microgreens Kit, which gives you choices like a Super Salad Mix, Refreshing Cabbage, and Spicy Daikon Radish.

4. Manage your garden anywhere via Wi-Fi

Except for the past year, you probably don’t spend all of your time at home. So if you’re a busy professional or a parent on-the-go, or both, it’s nice to know that you don’t need to be indoors to care for a smart kitchen garden. Many, like the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro, connect to an app on your mobile device where you can control and set schedules for water and lighting.

5. Add greenery to your home

Having fresh greenery in your home can improve your mood and is good for indoor air quality. In fact, research shows that houseplants can remove common toxins and pollutants from indoor air. And since humans evolved around plants, doesn’t it make sense to include them where we live now? The Rotofarm Architectural Soil-Free Circular Farm is a beautiful addition to any room of your house and grows plants using gravity-free technology.

6. Enhance the flavor of your food

Just a teaspoon or two of a fresh herb can take a dish to new heights. Imagine being able to cook with fresh herbs you’ve grown yourself every day. All of the indoor garden kits on this list can help you do that, but a lovely one is the Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse. It’s eco-friendly and smart app-enabled.

Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse
Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse in a kitchen

7. Save money

It’s expensive paying $3 or more for a tiny package of basil from the grocery store when you want to blend up some homemade pesto. And you’ll probably need more than one package. When you grow your own herbs, though, you get that fresh flavor for just a fraction of the price. And the AeroGarden Harvest With Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit is a great way to go about it.

AeroGarden Harvest
AeroGarden Harvest With Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit on a white background

With these smart garden kits, it’s easier than ever to grow your own herbs, greens, and vegetables at home. And you don’t even need direct sunlight. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to cook delicious, herb-inspired meals with any of the smart kitchen garden kits on this list.

Do you have any additional smart kitchen garden kits that we haven’t shared above? Let us know your top picks in the comments.

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