The icon backpack Is 6 Different Bags in One

The icon backpack Is 6 Different Bags in One

Finding the perfect bag is hard work. Whether it’s for school, work, the gym, a hobby, a weekend away, or even a long trip, the perfect bag is integral for you to enjoy your day. Even when you find one great bag, it often isn’t scalable to other parts of your lifestyle. That is unless you have the icon 6-in-1 backpack by HYLETE.

Just like the name suggests, the icon backpack is actually six different bags. Whatever your day brings, this bag will be with you every step of the way to carry all your gear in style.

At its heart, the icon is a spacious and comfortable backpack. The oversized main compartment has a massive 40 liters of storage for anything from books to sneakers. Designed with the user in mind, the icon backpack features velour-lined media pockets to keep your devices safe. Suitable for overhead compartments on flights, the backpack also won’t weigh you down as it has ergonomic ventilated straps and even an adjustable sternum strap.

icon backpack

If the backpack alone wasn’t enough, you can also opt for the extended backpack by opening the expanded compartment at the bottom. Providing you with 50% more space, this compartment can keep wet or smelly clothes separate from the rest.

icon backpack

By simply storing the backpack straps and attaching the included duffle strap, the icon can easily convert into a duffle bag. Effortlessly carried on one shoulder, the duffle can also become the extended duffle by utilizing the expandable compartment and adjusting the strap.

icon backpack

And then things get interesting. The icon has a full-length zipper around the circumference of the backpack. This enables you to detach the slim pack portion which contains the super sleek laptop sleeve. This portion is the daypack and remains slim while holding only what you need.

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Finally, the daypack can also convert into a modernized messenger bag by using the same padded duffle strap. The messenger bag has a clean cut silhouette and is perfect for a professional environment.

The icon backpack offers so much more than six styles. Coming with a wet/dry stuff sack, the backpack has dual insulated side pockets and is made with abrasion and weather resistant fabric. Paired with the heavy-duty hardware, this bag and all of its forms has been built to last. Complete with an all-black exterior, it’ll also match any and every style.

icon backpack

While the icon is perfect for day-to-day use no matter how you carry it, it’s also ideal for traveling. It’s ready to be filled to the brim with everything you need, yet, the icon can be easily customized to suit each day’s adventures so you can leave the bulk behind and just take what you want.

Live on Kickstarter until September 22nd, the HYLETE team have smashed their original $15k goal with over $43k and counting. With delivery as soon as December, the icon backpack can be yours for the early bird contribution of only $150.

With so many options, where will this bag take you?

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