Improve the air quality in your home with NATEDE

Even if your home has double-paned windows, pollution from outside can still creep in. This smart air purifier uses natural microorganisms to improve the air quality in your home.

Improve the air quality in your home with NATEDE

We normally associate pollution with industrial estates and inner-city traffic. But in reality, the air in most built-up areas is full of invisible fumes. Even with all windows shut and the doors locked, you are probably breathing in particulates. Over time, exposure to these minute specs can cause heart and lung disease, resulting in premature death. Nice. Well on the bright side, there is something you can do about it at home. NATEDE is a smart air purifier that can remove 93% of VOCs (they are the really bad ones) from the environment. It also sucks up bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors using plant-based methods.

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Stylish purification

Indoor air quality

According to a report published in 2015, around 9,000 Londoners die prematurely every year because of air pollution. That’s a pretty shocking figure, particularly when you consider the city has done a lot to reduce pollution in recent years. It would be safe to assume that other urban areas around the world suffer from similar problems.

Unless you fancy walking to work in a gas mask, it’s virtually impossible to avoid air pollution on the streets. But at least you can defend your family’s health at home.

[tweet_box]NATEDE is a smart air purifier that can remove 93% of VOCs (they are the really bad pollutants) from your home environment.[/tweet_box]

NATEDE offers a very natural solution to your pollution concerns. The device looks like a futuristic plant pot, complete with greenery. However, the shrub isn’t just for decoration. Certain plants have microorganisms bound to their roots that naturally soak up toxic agents. NATEDE utilizes these helpful little bugs to remove nasties from the air.

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It’s all in the roots

This natural approach comes with a major benefit: you won’t ever need to change a filter. And in case you were wondering, NATEDE keeps the plant watered automatically.

Long-term relief

Along with outdoor pollutants that find their way in, NATEDE scoops up problem particles created inside your home. These include aerosols, smoke from cooking, molds, and tobacco smoke. Furthermore, the device removes 99% of bacteria, viruses, and odors from the air.

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Numerous benefits

Along with improving air quality, NATEDE actually monitors it. Via the companion app, you can see the level of pollutants, fine-particulates and carbon monoxide in your home. In addition, the device sends humidity and temperature updates to your smartphone. The app even lets you adjust the rate of air flow through the purifier.

“NATEDE is a beautiful Natural Air Purifier for any home or office, and behind its simple design it features a complex and innovative technology. NATEDE has the most advanced sensors and it leverages a new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, eliminating waste and extra expense.” — CLAIRY on Kickstarter

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Smart yet natural

What we ❤

There’s a lot to like about NATEDE. This Italian-made air purifier is stylish and very effective, with a sprinkling of smart features. Aside from general health, it’s great for people with asthma and allergies.

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The Premium version comes with extras

Constructive criticism

While we laud the natural filter, this isn’t the smallest air purifier around. If you live in a tiny condo, you may struggle to find the space to accommodate NATEDE. A smaller version would suit folks in this position and, presumably, provide enough power to cleanse the smaller space.


– Kickstarter: Until June 1st

– Pledge: $165 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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