This wearable air purifier is how to improve your air quality

Now you really can breathe purified air wherever you go, thanks to ReSPR SeLF. This wearable air purifier creates a safety zone around your head using ionization technology. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this innovative product.

This wearable air purifier is how to improve your air quality
ReSPR SeLF wearable ion emitter around a person’s neck

What’s better than an air purifier? An air purifier that you can wear and take with you anywhere. Because the need to breathe safe air doesn’t evaporate—pun intended— once you’re away from your home’s air purifier. Luckily, the makers of ReSPR SeLF wearable ion emitter have designed a wearable air purifier. Using the power of ionization technology, this useful little gadget creates a three-foot zone of purified air. So it’s a gadget that’s worth adding to your EDC.

ReSPR SeLF comes in the form of a rectangular device that you can wear either around your neck like a long pendant necklace or clipped to your pocket, belt, or waist. As you wear it, the gadget emits ions that bond with all those undesirable particles in the air—bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollen—and makes them fall to the ground as you go about your day. Best of all, this gadget is lightweight and quiet, so you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it.

How does this air ionizer work?

This wearable air purifier works by using a proprietary technology that creates over seven million charged ions that clean the air. Basically, this gadget creates the same ionizing process that’s found in nature—friction. According to the company website, their technology causes airborne particles to attract charged ions through electrostatic attraction. When the particles attract the charged ions, the particles become too heavy to stay in the air and fall to the ground. This prevents them from ever entering your airways.

What does this air purification device remove particles?

The company says that this wearable air purifier removes particles smaller than a diameter of 2.5 micrometers. They write that this is small enough to repel pollutants, smoke, allergens, and pollen. This purification system helps eliminate bacteria and viruses since it lowers the concentration of airborne contaminants around users. Overall, it’s a great gadget for the new normal, because it takes out harmful particles from the air immediately around you. Check out the company’s website for more in-depth information about this product’s effect on viruses.

Where can you wear this health gadget?

The company notes that its proprietary technology has been utilized in airports, hospitals, and homes worldwide. Now, ReSPR SeLF makes the technology available in the form of a lightweight wearable device. It purifies air both indoors and outdoors, though the company website notes that the product works best indoors and in areas where the air isn’t moving. And just because this portable technology is light and small doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer top-of-the-line protection. In fact, this wearable air purifier produces over seven million charged ions that clean the air in your breathing space.

Is this air purifying device easy to use?

Yes. ReSPR SeLF is absolutely maintenance free. That’s right; you won’t have to clean any filters or buy any replacements to use this health gadget. Best of all, it’s easy to wear. Put it around your neck or clip it to your waist and press the on button for it to work.

Is this device energy efficient?

The company writes that it’s committed to providing the world with cleaner air and cleaner living. For that reason, the product has been designed to be pretty energy efficient. After just one hour of USB charging, users get more than 24 hours of clean and safe air in their breathing zone. So it’s a product you can feel good about using. You also won’t have to worry about running out of batteries during the day.

Should you wear ReSPR SeLF with a mask?

According to the company, this wearable air purifier is not designed to replace a mask or a face covering. It notes that the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face mask in public. So wearing a face mask gives you another layer of protection. You can wear both ReSPR SeLF and a mask to further protect yourself and others.

ReSPR SeLF is a pretty cool gadget. It’s lightweight and quiet, so you barely remember that you’re wearing it. It’s also super easy to use since there’s nothing you have to maintain. Press the button on the back to start enjoying clean air. Best of all, it removes harmful particles in a safety zone around your head to ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean. It’s an excellent product to keep close to you on a busy day.

ReSPR SeLF costs $139 and is available on the company’s official website. What are some of your favorite EDC products? Let us know what masks, purifiers, pocket organizers, etc., you can’t live without in the comments.

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