Introducing Caavo, the Superior Streaming Box

Introducing Caavo, the Superior Streaming Box

There are endless ways to enjoy online content on your primary screen nowadays. In fact, the only problem is choice. Certain shows are only available on specific devices. For avid TV viewers, the array of dongles, consoles, and streaming boxes can soon become bewildering. Caavo, a smart new streaming box, is aiming to solve this quandary once and for all.

– Caavo has 8 HDMI ports to pull in video from multiple sources

– The box works with Netflix, Amazon, Chromecast, games consoles, and many other devices

– Users can navigate all available content via one interface, with the option to use voice control

The Superior Streaming Box

This is not the first time we have been promised a catch-all solution. Google TV was one notable failure, while Boxee was a mixed success. There are several reasons to be more confident in Caavo.

Firstly, this elegant box works with rather than against other platforms. There are eight HDMI inputs, where you can plug in your Amazon Fire, your Xbox, or any other device. Caavo then recognizes the source and lets you take control.

[tweet_box]”Caavo brings all your favorite apps, live TV and DVR into one simple interface”[/tweet_box]

Rather than searching each service individually, users can search through all connected platforms via Caavo. Thus, you no longer have to remember whether that show was on Netflix or Hulu. This all goes through the supplied remote, although you can use games controllers or even an old TV remote. That said, the supplied remote has voice search, which makes the process much slicker.

Just as importantly, the team behind Caavo is filled with experience. The project was put together by the late CEO of Slingbox, while the current staff includes former employees of Microsoft and Jawbone.

“Caavo brings all your favorite apps, live TV and DVR into one simple interface so you can easily find what you want to watch or search it all.” —

What We Like

This is the most technically proficient streaming box ever made. That translates into great usability. Also, the box is visually stunning.

Room for Improvement

The only real weak spots are the price (see below), and the fact that Caavo is powerless to prevent the likes of Apple from blocking access to its devices.

Caavo Home Entertainment Hub

Availability and Price

Although not yet on sale, Caavo will be available for pre-order in June at $399. It is expected that the first batch will be limited to 5,000 units, so potential buyers will need to be quick.

Do you think Caavo can succeed where other streaming boxes have failed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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