Iotty Is a Breakthrough for Smart Home Lighting

Iotty Is a Breakthrough for Smart Home Lighting

The home of the future seems so close, but just out of reach. Very few houses are constructed with smart technology built in. This is where something like the iotty smart light switch becomes so important. This clever little device adds Wi-Fi control and automation to your regular lighting setup. It’s simple and effective, yet packed with technology.

– Control all your lights from your smartphone and set custom schedules

– Save power and get usage stats

– Replace any traditional light switch via easy installation

Smart Home Lighting

Adding new technology to the old isn’t always straightforward. For instance, smart bulbs work beautifully with your smartphone. But, should you leave the regular light switch in the off position, the whole smart control idea comes crashing down.

You have no such problems with iotty, because it entirely replaces your old switches. You only need to attach three wires and reattach the back plate, and you’re ready for the 21st century.

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Physically, the iotty switch is beautiful. The tempered glass design is sensitive to touch, and there are several subtle colors to choose from. The switch also has an adjustable backlight. This stops you stumbling around in your search for the light switch.

In addition, iotty connects to your home Wi-Fi network. You can then manually control each smart switch around your home from the companion smartphone app. The switch also lets you program a daily lighting schedule, which responds to daylight hours.

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The smart switch uses geolocation to recognize when you return home. It reacts by opening your garage door and switching on the lights. Furthermore, iotty keeps track of the weather. It can trigger your lights when the clouds roll in, and shut your garage door in high winds.

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With full control over the lighting, the iotty system offers great power usage stats. Via the app, you can see exactly how much energy you are burning and which rooms are the worst offenders.

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“Iotty Light Switch is the new frontier of smart homes with next-generation features. Quickly replace a light switch to get total control of lighting.” — Iotty on IndieGoGo

What We ❤️

Smart lighting that perfectly integrates with any home, however old.

Future Designs

Smart power sockets with the same features would make life so much easier!


– IndieGoGo: Until August 2017

– Pledge: $69

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get 50% off plus one free light switch!

– Delivery: November 2017

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