The Justin Case Folding Kayak Will Make You Crave Open Water

The Justin Case Folding Kayak Will Make You Crave Open Water

When adventure calls, it’s difficult to say no. There’s something deeply addictive about sleeping beneath the stars and exploring wild places. On your travels, you may come across mountain lakes and lowland rivers. These spots are ripe for kayaking — but you probably didn’t go hiking with your full-size boat. With the Justin Case folding kayak, you have no excuse. This sturdy seven-pound vessel folds down into a carry bag, meaning you can take it hiking or camping. It gives you the freedom to explore the water, wherever you find it.

– Strong, foldable carbon fiber or titanium frame with 3D-printed connectors

– Military-grade Cordura fabric is almost impossible to tear

– Folds down to 40 inches long and six inches wide inside carry bag

Folding Kayak

Not everyone enjoys diving headlong into a freezing mountain lake. But kayaking lets you explore the water in comfort. In your stable craft, you can take photos of the view or try a little fishing. There are occasions when cutting across the water also shaves miles off your route.

The problem is, regular kayaks are pretty big. Big enough that you wouldn’t want to carry your boat for much more than a couple of miles. And that’s assuming there is no other kit on your shoulders.

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In reality, most people just leave the kayak at home when traveling light. But with the aptly-named Justin Case kayak, you only have seven pounds to carry over one shoulder. Furthermore, this strong little craft matches the performance of its more rigid competitors.

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Featherweight Craft

The Justin Case actually comes in two different versions.

For paddling down slow-moving rivers and peaceful lagoons, the carbon fiber Adventurer edition will do nicely. Despite weighing no more than your average table lamp, this kayak supports a 250-pound human wearing a 30-pound backpack.

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It takes around 10 minutes to assemble. The carbon fiber rods are held together with durable PLA connectors, which also happen to be eco-friendly. Stretched across this frame, Cordura ripstop fabric provides a watertight outer skin.

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On the water, the kayak feels rock solid. The elevated nose tip plows through the waves, while the reinforced bottom insulates your body from the cool water. Because you have back support and an optional spray skirt, the ride is pretty comfortable.

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Rugged Upgrade

If you’re happy to carry a little extra weight, the Titanium-frame Voyager kayak offers even better strength. This is less about rigidity, and more about longevity. Additionally, the titanium offers slightly improved strength for navigating choppy waters.

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Both versions of the Justin Case have integrated GoPro mounts, bungee cords for storage, and reinforced buckles.

“Imagine a kayak that you can throw over your shoulder, store in your closet and fit into the trunk of your car! Imagine a kayak that allows you to explore further, travel lighter and do more – this is the passion and the inspiration behind the Justin Case Kayak — a super portable kayak made for small spaces and big dreams.” — Justin Case on Kickstarter

Justin Case folding kayak

What We ❤️

Even if you live in a cramped city apartment, you can get out and explore with this kayak.

Future Designs

If you can make a kayak fold this small, anything is possible. Maybe an airplane that fits in your car?!


– Kickstarter: Until October 8th

– Pledge: $596 USD

– Delivery: February 2018

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