The Justin Case Foldable Kayak Assembles in Just Minutes

The Justin Case Foldable Kayak Assembles in Just Minutes

There are few things as great as kayaking. Whether you prefer a river, lake, or ocean, it’s a tremendous yet enjoyable workout. For most of us, we have to rent kayaks. Owning your own is out of the question due to the sheer size of the vessels. In addition to not having space at home, getting them to and from our destination is a workout in itself. That’s where the Justin Case Foldable Kayak comes in. This kayak is:
– travel friendly
– easy to put together
– affordable

The Justin Case Kayak is a cinch to take anywhere. It has a compact design when folded for super easy storage.

A Foldable Kayak for Anywhere

The Justin Case Kayak is opposite to most kayaks in that it’s not cumbersome and it takes up hardly any space. When folded, the kayak measures just 40 inches long and 6 inches wide. That’s small enough to fit inside any vehicle, any garage, and certainly any apartment. This incredible folding design is achieved by using a lightweight carbon fiber frame. Simply unfold, attach with the included 3D-printed connectors, and wrap it in its skin. The Justin Case is assembled in just minutes.

Foldable kayak

As Durable as Ever

Even with the moving and folding parts, the Justin Case Kayak is super durable and sturdy. To continue with the lightweight theme, the skin features ripstop nylon. This fabric is highly durable as well as waterproof – two requirements for any kayak. This is the same material used for parachutes and hot-air balloons. It won’t rip or tear thanks to a reinforcing weaving technique. Pairing with the strong carbon fiber frame, you can take the Justin Case to bays, rivers, lakes, and the ocean just like any other kayak.

Foldable kayak

Always Ready to Go

The Justin Case Kayak comes with its own carrying bag for easy transport. This bag also helps to keep the entire kayak folded flat. In addition to its compact size, the entire kayak weighs just 5.7 lbs. Just about anyone can carry, assemble, fold, and store it with ease. It’s perfect for the whole family.

Foldable kayak

What We Love

The Justin Case Kayak makes it easier than ever to get out and enjoy the water. The creators have thought of every feature to make it totally convenient.

Future Designs

The only thing that could possibly improve is to have more options. While the market currently has kayaks of all sizes to accommodate multiple people and even dogs, we’d love to see the Justin Case expand its offering.

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Kickstarter: until March 2nd
– Pledge: $570
– Delivery: July 2017

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