Stay on top of your game with this luxury water-resistant briefcase

Level up your professional gear with xBriefcase. It's the perfect fusion of style and protection, keeping you organized and ahead of the game.

Stay on top of your game with this luxury water-resistant briefcase
xBriefcase is a durable briefcase for today’s professional

Stay organized wherever work takes you with the xBriefcase water-resistant briefcase. With 19 smart pockets, drop protection, and a luxury-grade design, it protects your work essentials and keeps you looking professional.

It’s important to choose the right briefcase. Yes, the ideal one is elegant enough for meetings with a client or the boss. But it also withstands the pressures of being on the road and resists water, drops, and scratches.

Well, there’s a new briefcase on Kickstarter that combines all those things. It’s called the xBriefcase, and it’s the latest project from the team at xSuit, the company that bought you the revolutionary super stretch suit. The company has served over 35,000 customers since its first Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

So, coming from a reputable brand and loaded with features for professionals on the road, this briefcase has a lot to offer. Let’s get started!

xBriefcase product video

A luxury everyday briefcase

As a professional, you want to look good, whether you’re traveling across the country or meeting clients for lunch across town. And one of the best ways to do that is to invest in a great briefcase.

This high-tech briefcase has the design you’re after. Relying on luxury materials and a no-frills minimalist shape, the xBriefcase is a work carry bag that completes your professional look.

So that’s pretty cool. But you know what’s cooler? This water-resistant briefcase not only ties your outfit together but also helps your day go smoother.

How? The gorgeous luxury design is also packed with practical features. Think stabilizing feet, a quick-lock hook, a secure clasp, and easy-grip zippers. You don’t run the risk of knocking this bag over while you look for something inside or fumbling with the zipper in front of clients.

With a briefcase this elegant, you can say goodbye to looking just ok at work and hello to a more sleek and organized you.

Drop protection keeps your laptop safe

When you’re on the move, it’s easy to drop things—even your laptop bag. Luckily, drops and bumps aren’t a big deal with the xBriefcase.

That’s thanks to a hard shell panel and high-density foam padding. All-in-all, there are 5 protective layers cushioning your tech from hits, falls, and bumps.

And with 3x the shock absorption of industry-leading briefcases and 1.5x the stress tolerance, it keeps your laptop, tablet, and other essentials safe inside. So you can show up to your meetings relaxed and cool.

xBriefcase front view

Ultra-durable materials keep this briefcase tough

How many times have you scuffed or scratched a new leather briefcase or work bag within the first weeks of using it? It’s super annoying, but it happens.

Thankfully, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about with this water-resistant briefcase. Using ultra-durable materials like ballistic nylon and bio-leather, the xBriefcase is more resistant to scratches and peeling than typical nylon or animal leather.

In fact, you can expect this bag to be up to 2x more scratch resistant than nylon and up to 3x more durable than animal leather. Those are big promises, but this high-tech briefcase delivers.

Even better, this bag can still look like new even after 10 years of frequent use. That’s a far cry from your typical briefcase or canvas bag.

Water-resistant fabric and zippers protect what’s inside

Rain also happens when you’re on the go. So the best briefcases can withstand downpours and splashes, keeping your documents and tech safe.

And this water-resistant briefcase does just that. With a serious water-resistance rating of IP65, it’s safe in rain and locks out dust.

The xBriefcase’s zipper, too, is waterproof, preventing water from entering the compartments and damaging what’s inside.

Meanwhile, a spill shield protects the bag from the odd dropped coffee or spilled water bottle during travel. All this is to say that you don’t have to worry about contact with rain or other liquids while using this briefcase. Your stuff stays dry and the bag remains in good condition.

A modular laptop sleeve offers extra protection

You can’t work without your laptop. So the xBriefcase offers additional protection with the 16″ modular laptop sleeve. It uses a water-resistant fabric and a zipper, safeguarding your most important device from spills and rain.

The sleeve also detaches easily from the briefcase for use as a standalone laptop sleeve. This is a great option if you need to carry your laptop from your office to a colleague’s or if you have a presentation in a conference room in another part of the building.

19 smart pockets organize all your items

Organization is the hallmark of a great professional. But it isn’t always easy to achieve, especially if you carry dozens of small gizmos and gadgets in your bag.

But with the 19 smart pockets in the xBriefcase, you literally have a spot for everything in your bag. There’s the front compartment, with pockets for pens, a MacBook charger, a mouse, a smartphone, cables, cards, a backup battery, AirPods, a wallet, a passport, keys, and a USB stick.

Then, the main compartment holds your laptop, documents, notebook, glasses, tablet, and headphones. The magnetic file pocket in this section also keeps your documents secure.

Finally, there’s a hidden waterproof pocket and a back pocket where you can store tissues, gum, mints, hand sanitizer, and medication. Everything will be in its place with this bag. Kiss rummaging through your bag while searching for that one item goodbye forever.

An ergonomic design keeps you comfortable

And the ideal briefcase is comfortable to carry. This water-resistant briefcase fulfills that requirement, too, due to its specialized ergonomic features.

Featuring a padded shoulder strap and thoughtfully shaped handles, this bag rests easily on your shoulder or in your hand.

The xBriefcase merges style and practicality

In a world where style and protection are equally important, the xBriefcase stands out as an ideal choice for modern professionals. Created by the innovative team at xSuit, this sleek and durable briefcase embodies its commitment to revolutionizing everyday essentials.

Boasting advanced protective features, gorgeous style, and 19 smart pockets, it keeps your belongings organized and secure wherever you go.

Why settle for anything less? Elevate your style and keep your tech safe with the xBriefcase today. You can preorder it for just $319 on Kickstarter.

What features do you look for in a great briefcase? Let us know in the comments!

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