Our Latest Rebranded and Redesigned Interface Initiates a Breakthrough Experience in Online Product Hunting

Our Latest Rebranded and Redesigned Interface Initiates a Breakthrough Experience in Online Product Hunting

Leaving aside the intricate processing we go through before hosting our regular product updates, if there’s any other arena we’ve looked upon with equal emphasis is the content presentation. Being product hunters ourselves, it has always been one of our major criterion to think of a way by which our users would be able to enhance their online product surfing experience through this hub we’ve created. After having updated the website with infinite scrolling last month, now it’s time we bring you more enriched features conjoined with a faster performance through our latest 4.7 version. This time the briefing does not confine to a redesigned interface only; it’s also got a whole new rebranded look and feel which is led by our new monogram logo.

Time to take a quick look through all that’s new from this latest update and how that can make your product surfing experience with us even more amazing than before.

The Gadget Flow infinite scrolling product hunting


Not that we dislike the playful symbolization of The Gadget Flow logo we’ve used so far but somehow the eagerness to conceptualize a monogram was always a hidden desire. That’s quite the reason why the biggest update for this version is our reimagined logo itself. Coming with a negative space and Low Poly Effect, our focus was to make a logo that looks both classy and professional at the same time. It’s more like a symbolization of the product hunting brand we have always thought of building which primarily concentrates on introducing new-age products in an eye-pleasing nutshell for all web surfers out there. We hope it makes its way amongst all our users and helps us have a strong impact as product hunters across the globe.

the gadget flow logo


Apart from the logo changes, our priority was also to make the entire website look more professional and white-collar that both symbolizes growth and efficiency in terms of being a storehouse of product ideas. The polished appearance together with the updation of the design features is what will give you that ultimate rebranded feeling once you log on to The Gadget Flow here onwards.

App Screen Front View MockUp copy

Not only the website, our rebranded experience also awaits for iOS users as we have undergone a subsequent updation for our iOS app as well. Next time you tune in to The Gadget Flow on your iPhone or iPad, be prepared to undergo a neat and clear-cut surfing of the coolest products on the web without facing any disturbance while doing so. This will be shortly followed with our highly demanded wishlist feature we are thinking of coming up with in mid August for all our iOS and Android users.


Since our all-time goal has been to provide our users with minimal design and faster performance, this update primarily concentrates on making this kind of experience even better from what we had till date. The home page slider has been made even larger than before with the search bar coming in the center so as to help you reach your favorite product picks ranging over 4000 by now in no time. There’s also the option for you to sort the number of products based on their price and age with the prominence always being on presenting a lighter user interface. We want to make your hours on The Gadget Flow more subtle and hassle-free which is exactly why this update focuses on the product content more than anything else. You get to select your choice and see them all at a glance without facing any unnecessary pop-ups from around.

responsive ios

The individual product description page has also undergone a redesign which emphasizes entirely on the product and its content with a couple of similar suggestions and categories highlighted beneath. To add to this, we’ve just made our “Sorry, not Found” page equally interesting as well which is all set to welcome you in a feline style everytime your search travels down the wrong way.

That brings us to the end of the updates we had for the 4.7 version. Just like the way product hunting is a passion we wish to continue forever, so is the urge for making the experience even better and stronger in the near future. Till that time, we hope this rebranded and redesigned product surfing experience from us can lead you towards a new era where there lies no end to innovation and inspiration.

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Evan Varsamis is an Entrepreneur, Founder / CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Investor and Marketing Advisor at Qrator Ltd and Contributor at Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post and American Express Essentials.
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