Why Do You Need Lifestyle Photos for Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Lifestyle product photos are one of the best ways you can choose to showcase your product today. In fact, it happens to perform 60% better than renderings and white background images, the reason being the story behind those clicks. We recommend this style of photography to all crowdfunding campaign owners because –

Lifestyle Photos Are Realistic

No matter how distraction free white background images look, you can’t deny that they do look artificial. Contrarily, a lifestyle photo would also help you see the product in a real-life situation.

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There’s a Story Behind Every Lifestyle Photo

You can’t ignore the story behind every lifestyle photo you see. Whether it’s someone bicycling down the hill displaying the ruggedness of the bike or a couple spending a romantic holiday on a hanging cliff cabana, every lifestyle photo has something to say other than just the product! White background photos, on the other hand, have nothing as such to offer.

Now, just to make sure you make the most out of lifestyle product photos, here are some tips you could follow!

1. Since lifestyle photos will also help you display your product features in real-time, use the most of it. This will definitely be beneficial for those who have multi-functional products. For example, if you have a key organizer plus bottle opener, show the uses of your product with the help of lifestyle photos.

2. Use proper lighting in case you decide to prepare your own set up for the lifestyle photo shoot. Bright photos are far better than dull ones.

3. In spite of using a real-time situation, never lose the focus from the product.

4. Do you think there are other products which could pair up with yours and work as a beautiful set for the user? Well, in that case, don’t forget to show it in the photos. So for example, if it’s a minimally designed iMac stand, you could pair it up with a fancy mouse pad, USB hub and everything else you generally have on your workplace to complete the look.

5. If your product is to be used at a specific time of the day or night, make it also the primary focus of the shoot.

Here are some of our favorite lifestyle product photography shots you can use for reference.

An iPhone 6 Case by Hard Graft showing how to blend products in your everyday life.


Fugoo displays the ruggedness of their Bluetooth Speaker out here.


It would have been useless to get the Pixi if we didn’t know how to use it through these amazing product shots.


Yes, we do want to mount our iPad on the fridge but only when you know how.


A wall shelf for books and decorative items that display how you might fit it and where.


How else can lifestyle photos be useful for your crowdfunding campaign?

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1 year 10 months ago

Do you have the source of your statement? I’m looking for a study which prove that lifestyle shoots are better than white background photos.

1 year 10 months ago

Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out. The study here is entirely based on the promotions of crowdfunding campaigns we have done on our platform till date.