Why you need to use Backerkit for your crowdfunding campaign

Getting backers for your crowdfunding campaign can be a huge challenge. But with services like Backerkit, you can not only aim for the best backers but the most valuable ones. Backerkit is that one platform where you can get the best services to not just manage your pledges but also give back more to your early backers.

Why you need to use Backerkit for your crowdfunding campaign
Backerkit for your crowdfunding campaign

When you launch a crowdfunding campaign, one of the most concerning factors that will always bother you is getting enough backers for your campaign. Over the years, as we’ve worked with more and more campaign creators, we’ve always noticed their concern on following the best backer-gaining strategy for their crowdfunding campaigns. You may ask what a “best backer-gaining strategy” is and the answer to that question does vary from campaign to campaign. Some might think of getting more backers with less pricing while others might opt for a high pricing but fewer backers strategy. To us, it’s always been about helping campaigns understand the value of brand building through crowdfunding. This can never happen without your backers and companies like Backerkit are making sure you can build that relationship with proper guidance and support.

Backerkit for crowdfunding campaigns

Backerkit for crowdfunding campaigns

Here’s why you need to use Backerkit for your crowdfunding campaign.

– Earn more

– Connect easily

– Deliver fast

With intuitive features, Backerkit ensures to help you manage your pledges as well as give your backers more opportunities to contribute to your campaign and buy more stuff. By doing so, you’ll be able to get the right rewards to the right places and maintain a community of happy backers. 

Backerkit features

Backerkit features

Backerkit features are worth a try

At the same time, they also offer several lucrative features such as –

1. Surveys – Raise additional funds and get accurate data after your campaign with this feature.

2. Add-Ons – The best way to raise additional funds after your campaign.

3. Pre-order Website – Custom pre-order website you can use right away.

4. Backerkit Launch – Harness the power of your audience to get funded early.

5. Backerkit Ads  – Drive pledges with advertising designed for crowdfunding.

Track your progress easily

The best thing about Backerkit is their tracking features. So, you not only get to use their services but also get live views of the progress with backer manager as well as resolve queries through backer support. That makes the entire process of using the service as easy as can be. You don’t have to worry about any queries or problems that you face along the way.

Backerkit plans

Backerkit plans

Final product delivery sorted.

Even after your final product is ready, Backerkit helps you with exclusive features like –

1. Backerkit postage

2. Free hosting and easy downloads

3. Fulfillment partner integrations

With that said, it’s clear that Backerkit is a one-stop solution for your crowdfunding campaign. You won’t just get good backers but backers who will stay with you and your brand for a longer time. Crowdfunding isn’t just about getting a product funded within a short span of time. It’s also about building a valuable customer relationship with your early backers who can eventually be your brand ambassadors. With Backerkit, you’ll just make that process of getting the best backers for your campaign easy and seamless. Get started with their plans now!

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