6 Types of graphics you need for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign

Having a set of graphics for your crowdfunding campaign is a must. But the challenge lies in how you balance all of the different types of graphics in one place. This blog highlights the types of graphics you need for your campaign with examples of those who've done it right so far.

6 Types of graphics you need for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign
Graphics Required for Crowdfunding
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Creating a compelling crowdfunding page has is all about balancing well-written content and beautiful graphics that go with it. We’ve worked with over 5,000 campaigns in the last six years and, based on our experience, we know that campaigns that have a great balance of graphics and content are the ones that do well in the long run. When you look at any campaign page, the first thing you’ll notice apart from the title is the video followed by the graphics. Sometimes, you might see a balance of all types of graphics on the page whereas other times, the campaign has almost no graphics at all.

Based on a survey conducted by Hubspot:

When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

So, if you are keen to make your campaign memorable, you need to add enough graphics for maximum user retention. We did discuss on one of our previous blogs about how you can create outstanding graphics for your crowdfunding campaign but in this blog, we are going to talk about what types of graphics you need for your campaign.

Types of graphics you need for crowdfunding

Types of graphics you need for crowdfunding

Lifestyle images

Beginning with the most popular form of graphic, lifestyle images can either make or break your campaign presentation. They are extremely effective when used correctly. They allow the product to remain yet place it in a relatable context. It’s important to keep the right balance with lifestyle images. The product must be in focus so if you make the image too much about the environment and less about the product, it could be harmful to your project. The idea is to make your potential backers have an idea of the ways they can use the product in real life so whenever you do the shoot, make sure your product is the focus.

Example: The KUVRD camera strap has a beautiful set of lifestyle images that show the product in use. 

Video thumbnail

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign presentations begin with a video right at the top of the page. Of course, we all know the importance of a great campaign video. But many campaign creators forget to add a proper video thumbnail. Forgetting to do so can:

– Take away the overall aesthetics of the presentation

– Make the video look out of place

A great video thumbnail is one that shows the product and isn’t too busy. We highly recommend a thumbnail image without text as it can be tricky to read with the large play triangle overlaid onto it. Or, you can also take the best scene from the video and use it as a thumbnail.

Example: Pale Blue batteries have a great example of how to keep it super simple with a thumbnail (View the Gadget Flow listing here)


Although videos are helpful, many viewers will scroll along to get to the features. As a result, you can grab their attention while showcasing all the best features of your product with GIFs. While uploading GIFs, you need to make sure:

– They’re not blurry

– The file size isn’t too big and they load quickly even with medium internet speeds

– They take up enough screen size and don’t appear too small on the page

Example: FOCI has a beautiful combination of multiple fast-loading GIFs that explain their product in detail. (View the Gadget Flow listing here)


We’ve seen quite a few campaigns that aim to solve a major health or tech issue with their product. However, the description of all these features can be far too long which no viewer will sit through. In these cases, an infographic can be of great use because it will allow you to present your problem solution in a graphic format, making it super easy to read in a visually-pleasing format.

Example: LastSwab has loads of mini-infographic style graphics to explain the problem they’re solving with their product. (View the Gadget Flow listing here)

Crate compelling graphics for your crowdfunding campaign

Create compelling graphics for your crowdfunding campaign


Delivery timelines are a must for every crowdfunding campaign as it gives a clear idea of the campaign fulfillment structure to the backers. In order to make the timelines comprehensible, use an infographic or a timeline image structure to add a visual appeal to the overall presentation.

Example: Snapmaker 2.0 has a very beautifully designed timeline that gives a clear picture of delivery time to backers. 

White background

We’ve always said white background images don’t do well and you should completely avoid them as much as possible. But because they are used in e-commerce, it’s advisable to have at least a few of them on your page for a better product view. Even with a few, we highly recommend supplementing white background image with plenty of lifestyle images.

Example: The Fillup coffee machine has a good balance of lifestyle and white background images that showcase the product in a proper way. 

Graphics can only do well for your campaign if you present them in a well-balanced way with the right amount of text. With either too many of the above types or too few, you can make your campaign look confusing and complicated.

Which kind of graphics do you think appeal to crowdfunding backers the most? Share with us in the comments below.

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