Luxury home tech is on the rise – here’s what your home needs next

Our homes aren’t just getting smarter, they’re getting savvier. In fact, luxury home tech is the next big thing as inventors bridge the gap between autonomy and design. Here’s what you need to keep up with the iJoneses.

Luxury home tech is on the rise – here’s what your home needs next
  • It’s estimated that the typical home in 2022 will have more than 500 smart devices. According to Epic Luxury, 90% of the reason we buy smart home devices is for security.
  • Zedd, the Grammy-winning music producer, has a house chock-full of modern architecture and smart technology. It even has a Skittles dispenser.
  • There’s an exceptional home in London that features an AV installation worth over $500,000. With that price tag, you get a full home cinema complete with a 19-room audio solution.

Whether it’s Ricky Martin’s beautiful LA home or Google’s headquarters across the globe, luxury living has less to do with style and everything to do with technology. People are looking for luxury furniture that is smart as well as stunning – be it a fireplace or a coffee table. According to a research survey conducted by American Home Shield,

“Eighty-one percent of current smart-home device owners say they would be more willing to buy a home with connected tech in place.”

This is hardly surprising. Smart technology simplifies the way we live and luxury has often coincided with minimalism. It’s about living like royalty without cluttering your life. Because of this, the trend of blending autonomy and design is really taking off. So, what do you need in your home to make it more tech-savvy without compromising style?

Let’s begin with the porch

The entryway truly sets the tone of your house. Having technology in this space isn’t just vital for security reasons, it readies your guests for the tech inside.

Kuna – Smart Outdoor Security Light

Before entering, most burglars knock or ring the doorbell to see if a house is empty. Kuna detects the visitor and immediately sends an alert to your phone. Then, you can see who the visitor is on your phone through the camera’s live feed.

Qi Wireless Charging Side Table

Featuring a Qi wireless charging spot, the FurniQi table can charge any of your Qi compatible devices. It’s complete with subtle laser engraving so you can easily see where to place your device. Have one in your entryway so you never leave home without a full battery.

RiZZ The New Standard Luxury Doormat

The RiZZ is a unique and practical design that keeps dirt and sand out of your house. In fact, the New Standard doormat provides up to 80% efficiency when it comes to cleaning your shoes. With its solid teak profile, the doormat blends in with any house or garden.

Upgrade your living room

As the focal point of entertainment in your house, it’s the perfect place to blend form and function. There are countless options to choose from, but these are some of our favorites:

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

This modern table is complete with a refrigerator drawer to store and chill your beverages right where you want them. From water to beer, your drinks will always be ready for game time. In addition, the Sobro Coffee Table has LED lighting on the underside to totally set the mood.

COTODAMA Lyric In-Sync Display Speaker

Using Lyric Sync Technology, this connected speaker actually displays the lyrics of the song that is playing. However, it doesn’t just have a long list of words in a simple typeface. The front of the Lyric Speaker has an elegant acrylic screen for the lyrics. Incredibly, as the music changes, so does the font.

BenQ CineHome W1700 Affordable 4K Projector

An affordable offering from the brand, this projector packs some serious specs. With CinematicColor technology, it exceeds all expectations of an in-home entertainment system at this price point. Even so, it delivers a stunning 4K image. It uses razor-sharp true 8.3-million-pixel detail to bring every scene to life.

Never too many devices in the ktichen

Even with a killer entertainment setup, people tend to congregate in the kitchen. Because it’s social yet a place to prepare food, it has to have a balance of design and comfort so you can move as you need. Likewise, technology in the kitchen should make every task just a little bit easier.

Moen Ridgedale Motion Activated Faucet

Featuring beautiful stainless steel, this kitchen faucet will always look its best. The Ridgedale Faucet has a high-arc pull-down spout with clever functionality. With a single motion of your hand, you can easily turn this faucet on and off which prevents the spreading of germs.

Moen hands-free kitchen faucet

Moen hands-free kitchen faucet

June – The Intelligent Oven

This clever appliance is a countertop oven that produces restaurant-quality meals. You can bake, roast, broil, toast, and more, all from the compact unit. After loading your food into the spacious interior, June’s HD camera and built-in scale will identify your food and recommend how to cook it.

Did we miss the bedroom?

If you get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, you’re spending a lot of time in your bedroom. The purpose of technology in your room should be about relaxation to help you sleep but also to get you ready for the day ahead.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

The Sleep Number 360 is perfect for couples as you can each select your own sleep comfort levels. Both sides of the bed have adjustable sleep numbers to be firm or soft as you need. In addition, this smart bed also uses Responsive Air technology which actively adjusts as you sleep so there’s no tossing and turning.

Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motor

Working with a variety of blind types, Teptron MOVE lets you control your blinds with your smartphone. Simply latch the device onto your existing chain, pair it with the app, and control it with the app. Now you can block the sun and catch some extra sleep without even getting out of bed.

Can’t do without the bathroom

There’s plenty of technology for the bathroom that is unrealistic (we can wipe ourselves, thanks). But, expediting your routine and making every shower the best ever is certainly worth the extra technology.

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

This smart mirror displays vital stats and information such as your health, fitness, sleep schedule, nutrition, news, reminders, motivational quotes, and more. Offering health-related data, Mango Mirror makes it easier to make healthy decisions and start your day off right.

Kohler DTV+ Digital Shower Interface

Combining elements to give you an amazing sensory experience, a shower with this device is like no other. The touchscreen display is completely waterproof and gives you access to customize the water temperature and pressure, steam levels, lighting, and even your choice of music.

Living in the pool of luxury

Sitting by the pool is the ultimate way to relax on sunny summer weekends. Get the most out of your pool with these accessories.

Float – Into Total Relaxation
This wearable comfortably wraps around your head so you can experience a floating relaxation that gives you freedom from all external distractions. Offering weightlessness for your body, it helps relieve muscle tension, improves your blood pressure, and reduces your stress.

Float meditation helmet

Float meditation helmet

iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot

Stick to maxin’ and relaxin’ and let the iRobot keep your pool sparkling clean. Since the iRobot has its own vacuum, filter and pump, it does all the work without making use of the pool’s hoses, filtration system, and pumps.

Gardens of the future

Sporting greenery around your home is a great way to upgrade both the interior and exterior of your house. With these gardening gadgets, maintaining that luxury will be even easier.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Featuring hyperlocal Weather Intelligence Plus, the Rachio 3 makes it easy to water your yard only when it needs it. It saves you water and keeps your grass as green as can be. The Rachio 3 even works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest and more for total automation.

Rachio smart sprinkler controller

Rachio smart sprinkler controller

Seedo Auto Grow Hydroponics Device

Looking like a mini-fridge, this system actually does all the work for you. It comes with an app to give you laboratory precision for all of your herbs; it’s nothing short of genius. Inside are automatically adjusting LED lights that change their height as plants grow.

With that, we think your home is ready to make you feel like royalty in the 21st century. Do you think we missed anything on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Ashley Timms is an editor at Gadget Flow where she gets to write about the most incredible products in the world. When she’s not writing, she’s producing fine art dog photography.
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