11 Luxury tech devices you need for your home entertainment setup

Is your living room where everyone congregates for GoT or Sunday football? Does your home entertainment setup command the attention of all your friends? From movies to music, these luxury tech devices are all about giving you the ultimate entertainment experience.

11 Luxury tech devices you need for your home entertainment setup
Luxury home entertainment gadgets
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When it comes to technology in the home, there’s one area that many people are quick to upgrade: their home entertainment setup. Whether it’s an update in audio, visual, or something truly unique, it can make all the difference for movie night.

Go on – treat yourself by checking out these luxury tech devices to take your home entertainment to the next level.

Bang & Olufsen Beovision Horizon Modern 4K UHD TV

With a name that long, you know it’s got to be good. The Beovision Horizon is actually just as amazing as it sounds. Delivering 4K UHD, it combines delightful simplicity with practical functionality. Of course, it’ll show your movies and TV shows in incredible detail and is loaded with the latest technology. But it’s also on wheels so you can bring it to any room of the house you please.

Naim Audio NAIT Integrated Amplifiers

Raise your hand if you love vinyl! The NAIT Integrated Amplifiers from Naim Audio are designed to make your vinyl sound even better. Along with pairing with your turntable, the NAIT Amplifiers expand your access to Naim products. But, the modernized system also plays music from streaming apps, CD players, and more.

Saint Laurent Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas Moving Display Speaker

It’s the speaker you didn’t know you needed. Cotodama, known for their lyric-displaying speakers, got together with Saint Laurent to produce this stunning piece of art (well, it’s a speaker). Part of a limited edition, the Lyric Speaker Canvas displays lyrics as art in real-time so you can follow along, all while treating your eyes. Plus, it connects to music from a variety of sources including Spotify Connect.


Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony Television

Another fantastic TV option, the Beovision Harmony certainly isn’t for those on a budget. Coming in north of $20k, this TV oozes luxury from every square inch. The 77-inch television is adorned with aluminum and oak—which comes in your choice of black or oak. And, incredibly, when the TV is not in use, you simply fold it down, turning it into a piece of art.

Sony UBP-X1100ES 4K UHD Blu-ray Player

Despite all the streaming options, some of the best films you own are probably on Blu-ray DVDs. Rather than go without, invest in this exceptional 4K UHD Blu-ray Player from Sony. And it’s not just the picture that’s clear on this 4K UHD Blu-ray player. With certified high-resolution audio and anti-vibration technology, you’ll hear every little detail of what you’re watching.


There are TVs and there are TVs – and then there’s the LG B8. In classic LG form, this smart OLED TV delivers in performance and intelligence. Thanks to ThinQ AI, you can control the TV with your voice via Google Assistant or Alexa. As expected, the 4K display provides an exceptional image with true-to-life color and details.

Vizio 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System

What’s a great home entertainment setup without great speakers? Not much of one. The Vizio 5.1.2 is Dolby Atmos home cinema system that delivers high-quality surround sound. It includes a soundbar with upward firing speakers as well as a wireless subwoofer and two satellite speakers. You’ll feel like you’re a part of all the action.

OD-11 Wireless Stereo Loudspeaker

Sometimes, all you need is an easily connecting speaker to make your day. The OD-11 is a wireless stereo loudspeaker that can connect to just about any wireless device. It works flawlessly with Spotify and Apple Music, but it’s also surprisingly portable. Bring it outside for your house party, and then take it in when things start to die down. From instruments to televisions to gaming consoles, it can connect to it all.

Yesterday Vision Hardwood Gaming Monitor

Luxury devices aren’t just for movie-lovers; gamers can get in on the action with the Yesterday Vision Hardwood Gaming Monitor. Looking nothing like the high-tech device it is, this monitor definitely requires a certain decor aesthetic. Inside the 19-inch monitor are loudspeakers and a Raspberry Pi computer so it imitates classic games.

Naim Uniti Atom All-In-One Wireless Music Player

If you’re into music, you probably already know about the Naim Uniti Atom. It pairs a 40-watt amp with high-res music streaming options from more sources than you can name. This includes AirPlay, TIDAL, Spotify Connect and more. Plus, it comes with an intuitive remote for control and access from anywhere in the room.

BenQ CinePrime HT3550 4K DLP Projector

If you’re looking to pull out all the stops, check out the CinePrime HT3550 from BenQ. This 4K DLP projector is an all-in-one solution for your movie nights. Of course, it offers an incredible display in your choice of 4K or HDR. But, it also has built-in 5-watt speakers to complete the entire experience.

BenQ CinePrime HT3550 4K DLP Projector

This short-throw device comes with CinematicColor as well as a pair of built-in 5-watt speakers

Which one of these do you want for your home? Let us know in the comments!

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