The unique MagnetG Blanket can relieve pain and stress

For folks who struggle to sleep, the MagnetG blanket might offer salvation. It combines pressure therapy and magnets to relieve anxiety and numerous health problems.

The unique MagnetG Blanket can relieve pain and stress
A peaceful night’s sleep

Night should be a time for rest and recuperation. Unfortunately, many people struggle to sleep when the sun goes down. The reasons vary — some people battle with anxiety, others with pain — but the result is always exhaustion. The MagnetG blanket hopes to fix these problems in one fell swoop. The material is weighted to relieve stress and filled with magnets to treat many physical conditions. Consequently, owners should get a much better overnight rest.

Calmer Nights

In common sense terms, it seems strange that a heavy blanket can calm your anxious mind. Yet numerous studies have shown that a weightier cover can improve the symptoms of stress-related disorders like autism and PTSD.

This can be explained with science. Humans are programmed to feel more relaxed when we are being cuddled. A weighted blanket, like MagnetG, triggers the same deep pressure touch (DPT) response in our brain.

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As a result, your body releases dopamine and serotonin — two chemicals that have a positive effect on mood, sleep, appetite, and more. It also reduces cortisol, the “stress hormone”, thus making you feel more relaxed.

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A peaceful night’s sleep

The MagnetG blanket is designed to provide this happy experience. There are four different weights to choose from: 12, 15, 20, and 25 pounds. The idea is to pick one that is 10% of your body weight.

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Weighted blanket

Aside from heaviness, the blanket offers a comfy cocoon. The minky fabric has that lovely silky feel, without being stuffy on warmer nights. In fact, the MagnetG has been comfort-tested in the tropics. The makers say that it’s no hotter than any other blanket.

Relieve Pain

The other key ingredient in the MagnetG recipe is magnetism.

Magnets have long been used in alternative medicine. There is also strong scientific evidence to suggest that magnets can relieve pain by improving circulation. Furthermore, some practitioners have started using magnets to alleviate anxiety and depression.

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Magnet therapy

For this very reason, the MagnetG has 272 ceramic magnets embedded within the blanket. A unique stitching pattern ensures the magnets remain evenly spread.

MagnetG can relieve pain

Fresher mornings

Why ceramic magnets? Because unlike iron, they won’t rust. This means you can wash the MagnetG like a normal blanket.

“Weighted blankets have recently gained huge popularity for their empirical effectiveness in reducing stress and improving sleep. But MagnetG can do so much more than a simple weighted blanket with its added component of magnetism!”

“Weighted and magnet therapies work together to increase melatonin levels in the body, which in turn helps to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Magnet therapy’s ability to improve mood and soothe body aches further aids quality of sleep.” — SuperMakr

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The MagnetG blanket

What We ❤️

A triple-threat solution that could fix anxiety, pain and insomnia. It’s also a beautifully-made blanket, with a glass-bead filling that is safe for the environment.

Future Designs

Extra colors would be welcome, and a heated version for winter nights would be even better!


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