This joint pain reliever uses light therapy to reduce inflammation and alleviate soreness

Tired of knee pain holding you back from living life to the maximum? This wearable device uses safe and effective technology to relieve agony.

This joint pain reliever uses light therapy to reduce inflammation and alleviate soreness
Reviiv Knee+ provides agony relief

What’s your go-to treatment for pain relief? No doubt it’s reaching for the medicine cupboard and swallowing some paracetamols. But if you’re on certain medication, pregnant, or simply don’t want to ingest tablets, there’s a joint pain reliever that uses LED and next-generation laser light therapy.

Kiss knee pain goodbye with Reviiv Knee+. Using 810 nm lasers and 650 nm LEDS, it provides the perfect dosage to joints and increases blood flow for pain relief. Discover how this wearable works in today’s blog.

Reviiv Knee+ penetrates joint and internal issues

Get relief from agony with Reviiv Knee+

This joint pain reliever has so many benefits, such as supporting the regrowth of blood vessels and cartilage. Aside from reducing inflammation and targeting painful spots, it helps the body’s unique healing process. This helps alleviate pain and soreness quicker.

Reviiv Knee+ uses light therapy to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow to damaged tissues. The LED lights provide surface-level therapy, and the lasers penetrate joints and internal tissues. The combination of this light therapy produces optimal wavelengths in just one session.

Compared to LED-only therapy that doesn’t always provide the optimal dosage, this joint pain reliever provides better penetration (up to 6 mm rather than just 2 mm) to the joints and muscle tissues for fast and effective relief. In fact, it delivers the exact dosage that your body needs for pain relief and improved recovery.

Moreover, Reviiv Knee+ has a small, portable form that you can wear while you’re out and about or relaxing at home. Plus, it’s battery powered and charges via the magnetic charging dock for convenience that you can take anywhere. And, with its magnetic band, it’s easy to connect and keep secure. So there’s no need to constantly adjust it throughout the day.

Who is Reviiv Knee+ suitable for?

We discussed the benefits of using Reviiv Knee+, but who is it specifically suitable for? In a nutshell, the creators of this wearable device want you to get more out of life without pain holding you back.

So, if you’ve suffered a traumatic injury in the past, such as a muscle tear or sprain, ankle sprain, meniscus, or something else, this might be the answer to your prayers. Or perhaps you find that your pain means that you miss out on life’s adventures. This pain reliever can make that a thing of the past.

Maybe your pain has become so severe and uncomfortable that you’ve considered surgery, which we all know comes with many risks. Another reason to consider this joint pain reliever is if you’re wary about getting back into physical activity.

Overall, Reviiv Knee+ helps get you back moving without any surgical procedures or medication. By applying light therapy at skin level, it provides the exact dosage every time for quicker recovery. Knee+ also includes a free smartphone app where you’ll receive medical advice, specific exercises to improve your agility, and more.

If you’re tired of pain holding you back, head over to the Indiegogo page to preorder this for just $249.

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