Make your own cereal at home with this DIY grain flaker

You love muesli and other healthy cereals. But did you know that grains taste even better when they're freshly flaked? This at-home grain maker can help.

Make your own cereal at home with this DIY grain flaker
YouFlaker by W. Mock DIY Cereal Maker with ingredients

Make your morning grains even tastier with the YouFlaker by W. Mock DIY Cereal Maker. This at-home grain flaker lets you prep your own muesli and grains. Use it to squeeze rye, spelt, kamut, wheat, oats, and more into a tasty, wholesome breakfast.

There’s nothing better than a bowl of steaming hot, steel-cut oatmeal on a wintry morning. Well, there might be. Just like coffee, grains have a richer flavor if they’ve been freshly flaked.

But what if you don’t have a grain mill at home? Then reach for the YouFlaker.

Grain tastes better when it’s freshly flaked

Coffee geeks know that coffee tastes its best when ground just before brewing. The same is true for muesli and cereals that get processed into flakes.

When you mill them just before eating, their naturally fragrant flavors remain intact. Moreover, according to the company, the flakes are better able to absorb liquids and soften more quickly.

Heat from industrial milling destroys enzymes

Think you’re getting the full nutritional value from your morning oatmeal? Depending on what oats you eat, you could be wrong. Oats produced on an industrial scale are heated up to 105° C to make them less susceptible to spoilage.

However, the company writes that this process also damages nutrients like B vitamins and enzymes. In fact, enzymes are heat sensitive and permanently destroyed once they reach about 50° C.

The company concludes that fresh processing is essential for flavor and nutrient retention. And processing is best without heat to ensure the grains don’t spoil.

Heat also damages vitamins

Meanwhile, heat is also destructive to B vitamins. According to the company’s laboratory tests, organic oats milled with YouFlaker vs. another device showed significantly higher levels of vitamin B3 (niacin) and B6 (pyridoxine) retention.

You can learn more about these tests and how they were conducted on the company’s Kickstarter page.

This grain flaker uses 100% renewable materials

Best of all, this at-home grain maker isn’t just another plastic kitchen gadget. Its unique material, Arboblend, by the Swedish company Tecnaro is sustainable and made from 100% renewable materials.

Lignins from vegetable fibers make up Arboblend. They’re actually a waste product from the paper industry, and thus are available in large quantities at low prices. Interestingly, it also molds just as easily as plastic.

This DIY cereal maker is simple to open and clean

Don’t worry, the YouFlaker isn’t difficult to clean, so it integrates seamlessly with your cooking routine. Simply remove the squeezing mechanism and use a small brush to remove cereal debris.

Otherwise, for harder to remove grains, you can also clean the squeezing mechanism under running water with a small amount of dish soap.

Easily flake grains with the powerful motor

What’s more, thanks to the powerful electric DC motor, it provides plenty of power to squeeze a variety of grains (except for corn) and oilseeds, including sunflower, flax, sesame, and hemp seeds.

Enjoy a quiet kitchen gadget

No one likes prepping their breakfast with a gadget that wakes up the rest of the house. Thankfully, YouFlaker’s method is pretty quiet. The stainless steel rollers produce around 60 dB during operation. So, while you can definitely hear it, you can still have a conversation while you stand beside it.

This cereal flaker produces 100 grams of flaked grain per minute

Even better, you won’t have to wait long for this at-home grain flaker to prep your cereals. It creates 100 grams of freshly flaked grain per minute.

Yes, in just 30 seconds, you’ll have a 50-gram portion of oatmeal, spelt, or pretty much any grain that you can stir with add-ins to create muesli.

It comes from grain mill builder Wolfgang Mock

You’ll be happy to know that this at-home grain flaker was designed by Wolfgang Mock, a grain mill developer with 40 years of experience in the field.

He, along with designers from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and the team that created the Hawo’s mills as well as the Mockmill grain mill, bring you this electric grain flaker.

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the full nutritional benefit—and flavor—from your morning bowl of grains, the YouFlaker is the way to go. It’s quick, easy to use and clean, and quiet. But best of all, it makes breakfast delicious and full of nutrients—the way it should be.

The YouFlaker by W. Mock DIY Cereal Maker costs $195, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. What gadgets are part of your breakfast routine? Tell us about them in the comments.

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