Meet Moley–the futuristic robotics kitchen from CES 2021

Get a helping hand preparing meals with the Moley Robotics Kitchen. This smart gadget can create dishes from scratch, and it'll even wash up plates afterward. Continue reading to explore more.

Meet Moley–the futuristic robotics kitchen from CES 2021
Moley Robotics Kitchen in use

If you need a helping hand when cooking meals, you need the Moley Robotics Kitchen—a gadget that can handle kitchen duties. such as cracking an egg, preparing ingredients, and placing food in the oven. And it even cleans up after itself.

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Cooks over 5,000 recipes

The Moley Robotics Kitchen can cook thousands of recipes—an improvement from 2017’s prototype that could only serve up one dish. You’ll even have the option of including your favorite dishes.

Impressively, Kitchen can even crack an egg, but it can’t peel a potato or dice carrots. Therefore, you’ll need to step into the kitchen for some preparation work, along with pre-weighing the ingredients within its smart fridge or displayed on the countertop.

Moley Robotics Kitchen

Moley Robotics Kitchen in use

Its design makes it work seamlessly in the kitchen

This kitchen gadget features two robotic arms that move smoothly along a track installed within your kitchen. These arms come equipped with two hands that can replicate the movement of professional chefs.

In addition, Moley Robotics Kitchen features sensors and cameras to fully prepare meals from scratch with accuracy. In fact, it’s designed to capture human skills in motion. And its movements are inspired by culinary innovator Tim Anderson. The development process recorded his 3D cooking techniques to translate into digital movements.

Moreover, you can trust Moley Robotics Kitchen with your expensive cutlery and utensils, as its robotic hands are a replica of human movements, allowing it to hold plates and pans securely. And its built-in sensors allow it to identify different cookware, utensils, and ingredients around the kitchen. To ensure accuracy, there are markers on the handles and pan lids. In fact, the optical system can make dropped food to clean up before and after cooking.

Overall, Kitchen also includes an IoT refrigerator and storage facilities. This allows it to map the oven, sink, expired ingredients, and more. This incredible machine costs around $335,000, and you can fully customize it to suit your kitchen. And Moley Robotics plans to introduce more accessible models for the mainstream public.

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