Moment Case Turns Your iPhone 6 Into a Fascinating Professional Camera

Moment Case Turns Your iPhone 6 Into a Fascinating Professional Camera

To put it down in one sentence, “Mobile Photography is super fun”. It’s easier to carry and control as compared to the professional cameras. On the other hand, the fact that you carry your phone everywhere is the primary reason why mobile photography seems more feasible for everyday travelers and adventurers. As compared to those bulky cameras, a smartphone like the brand new iPhone 6 is something you can slip into your pocket and be ready for a striking photo shoot anywhere on the go. But no matter how much I say, the precision and clarity you get from a DSLR camera is totally worth a buy.


Now what if I twist your thoughts a bit and introduce you to a camera system that can give you professional quality shooting experience from your very own iPhone 6? No, I am not just talking about an iPhone camera lens alone. In fact, my today’s review centers around the world’s first iPhone 6 case with a shutter button, lens and strap attachment. Welcome Moment Case – The one and only case mobile photographers will never want to part with.

Moment Case review

Enhance Your iPhone Camera Experience

Coming from the team who had revolutionized the way we take pictures from our iPhones last year, Moment is back again with a case to complement it’s adorable set of mobile photography lens. With the kind of popularity they have had with the Moment Case on Kickstarter, it’s not too hard to believe how special this case could be for your iPhone photography experience.

The idea to build such a case came from the important shots we often miss while trying to shoot from our phones. No matter how powerful a lens you attach to your iPhone, by the time you take it out from your pocket and focus on a moving subject, your moment is gone. So, the team decided to launch something that would bring the beneficial aspects of a traditional camera to your iPhone.

Moment Case camera strap attachment

A DSLR Like Feeling With the iPhone 6

After undergoing five months in development, Moment Case was finally released with the intention of bridging the gap between the mobile and professional world of photography. As told on Wired by Marc Barros, “The goal was a case that is connected without you ever really realizing it was connected. It doesn’t require a power button, and doesn’t take any power away from your phone.” The shutter button with half-press and full-press features like a DSLR comes handy for capturing moving subjects as compared to the tedious process of touching the screen. The twist here is that this isn’t a mechanical button but an electronic one, powered by a coin cell battery and connected to the phone via low energy Bluetooth. This case will also make the editing process easy by giving you the power to use the shutter button to focus, and your fingers (touch and slide) to fine tune the lighting. Just like your video game controller, you can customize these controls using the Moment App.

Moment Case for iPhone 6

The Perfect Camera System For Your iPhone 6

With the case on, you will not need a metal plate to enjoy Moment Lens anymore. The proprietary lens interface will enable you to keep the Moment Lens mounted on your phone in between shots. What makes it even better is the fact that your iPhone will always know when you’ve attached a lens so that your photographic experience becomes better than you can possibly imagine. The strap attachment will make your iPhone shoot-ready anytime on the go and will never make you miss those special moments only because of the delay in taking your phone out of the pocket.

Moment case for mobile photography

Why I love this case is because it’s thin enough to be used on an everyday purpose and strong enough to handle any adventurous experience. You can get it in two color options of Black with White Top and Black on Black. The pre-order price starts from $49 with the estimated shipping for the first batch to be done by June 2015. So what are you waiting for? Be it an outdoor photography experience or a calm day at the beach, don’t forget to make the most out of your iPhone 6 camera with this amazing mobile photography camera system. Happy Gadgeting!

P.S. Just for you to have an idea, here are some of the coolest shots from Moment Lens and Moment Case users:

Moment Lens photography

Moment Lens photography

Moment Lens photography

Moment Lens photography

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