Keep Your Money Secure with the New 3C Card Clip

Keep Your Money Secure with the New 3C Card Clip

Paper money is no longer the payment method of choice for most people. Instead, we use contactless credit cards and work passes. Quite simply, they are more convenient than dollar bills and much less bulky. In fact, you probably go through most days without using cash. So why do we still use bifold wallets? The 3C Ultra Slim Carbon Card Clip offers a far more streamlined solution. This svelte device holds seven cards in the slimmest way possible. In addition, the 3C uses RFID-blocking technology to keep your money secure.

– Strong yet lightweight carbon fiber design fits easily in any pocket

– Holds 7 cards, with RFID-blocking technology to prevent contactless crime

– Instant access to cards and optional Bluetooth tracking features

Futuristic Wallet

The traditional wallet design we use today first made an appearance in the 1950s. Back then, people paid for expensive items by cheque, and business cards were the main way to store contacts. It feels like we should have moved on from the days of the space race and Elvis mania.

You couldn’t get a more modern take on the wallet than the 3C Carbon Clip. Crafted from luxurious carbon fiber, it looks and performs like a device from the future. Furthermore, you won’t get a backache from sitting on this wallet.

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Even when filled to capacity, the 3C Carbon Clip measures just 0.3 inches thick. For some perspective, that is around the same thickness as an iPhone 7. The Clip holds up to 7 cards or 14 business cards, although you can store just one if you want. The carbon fiber is very strong and almost impossible to scratch. Your cards are definitely safe.

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Keeping Your Money Secure

Aside from being bendy pieces of plastic, contactless cards have one major weakness: security. While payment terminals usually work at very close range, you can actually trigger these cards from several feet away. Thieves use this trick to steal thousands of dollars without being seen.

The 3C Carbon Clip has a solution for this worrying problem. Inside the carbon fiber shell, there is a layer of aluminum foil. This metal stops the radio waves that trigger contactless cards.

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To protect yourself from the more common type of theft, you can use the optional TrackR Bravo Bluetooth tag. This sticks on the outside of the 3C Clip and connects to your smartphone. Via the companion app, you can then track down your cards. In other words, your money is completely safe.

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Clever Design

In everyday use, the 3C offers easy access to your cards. From the photos, you may notice the cut-out design. This lets you easily push out your cards from the Clip. You can also fan out your cards without fully removing them.

Inside the aluminum foil, the 3C Carbon Clip has one more layer. This micro fiber sheath prevents your cards from getting scratched. It makes the cards slide out smoothly, as well.

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Along with the regular card holder, the 3C range includes a Passport Clip. Yes, you can even enjoy the same slim design at the airport.

“Although extremely compact, the 3C offers a large storage space to fit up to 7 cards, receipts and cash. It’s also guarded with RFID blocking technology that protects your contactless cards from electronic data theft. The design also allows for as little as one card to be securely held in place.” — 3C on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

No more bulging pockets, and great security features.

Future Designs

Extra colors, perhaps? The beauty of this clip is that there are no unnecessary additions.


– Kickstarter: Until July 21st

– Pledge: $51

– Delivery:  September 2017

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