Apple event highlights – new Apple TV app, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and more

Ramping up to this secretive event, Apple announced a slew of hardware updates. As a result, this event is focused on the intangibles such as the long-anticipated Apple TV+.

  • When is the next Apple event? While we can expect some new announcements at WWDC in June, Apple’s Keynote event takes place each September.
  • Which services were launched or upgraded during this Apple Event? They focused on Apple News, Apple Pay, App Store gaming, and the Apple TV app.
  • Were there any hardware updates? Not during the event, but Apple didn’t disappoint us by offering hardware updates last week.

While we typically have to wait until the yearly Apple Keynote event in September each year, the Apple event today was perfectly timed as a halfway point to hold us over. Of course, they teased us all with hardware announcements and updates last week and then further teased everyone with their cryptic invite.

Sent out on March 11th, the minimalist invite had the phrase “It’s show time,” suggesting the tech giant will discuss their rumored video content service. And Apple didn’t disappoint.

It’s all about services this time!

The Mad Men-like intro noted all of Apple’s hardware and software achievements thus far, mimicking a movie intro, complete with Siri as the production assistant. Tim Cook took to the stage, explaining it was a “very different kind of event.” He continued that the event is “all about service” and goes on to define services as helping people.

Apple’s has three prongs that their services must hit: uncompromising attention to detail, easy to use, privacy and security. Plus, their services are personalized, curated, and designed to be shared.

Apple News+

– You can now get subscriptions anywhere you go
– Family Sharing lets the whole family have access
– Tech features: live cover images in the magazines, customized content, restricted tracking, interactive photography
– Available now for $9.99/month

Apple kicked off its event with the announcement of Apple News+. Bringing magazines the to News app, you can now get subscriptions anywhere you go for $9.99/month. That isn’t just for your account; that covers the whole family thanks to Family Sharing at no extra charge. Individual accounts can set their own favorites. Plus, the first month is free.

Bringing magazines to the News app

Bringing magazines to the News app

Originally developed three years ago, the News app has always been about using trusted sources and featuring content curated by experts, taking the reputation of the publication into account. With 5 billion articles read per month, it’s the #1 news app.

With the introduction of magazines, Apple News+ lets you access your subscriptions anywhere you go, all with rich design, photography, and journalism. While Tim Cook announced, publications such as Popular Science, NatGeo, billboard, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Vogue, and more appeared behind him. There will be 300 magazines to choose from in total, all complete with their glorious live covers. Rather than standard photography, the magazine covers are also interactive. Likewise, the titles are also animated and each article is rich with content designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

Speaking to the cultural impact of journalism, Tim Cook unveiled a video highlighting powerful events, exceptional photographers, and elite journalists over the past few decades.

Apple News+ includes all the options from the free News app. The special News+ tab within the app shows your current subscriptions as well as suggestions based on interests. With recent issues automatically downloading, users can easily flick through articles within a magazine. Incredibly, News+ can pull particular articles based on your recent searches and article choices.

Along with magazines, News+ includes premium online content, newspapers, and more, including The Skimm and the Wall Street Journal.

But, best of all: Apple doesn’t know what you read. Nor can advertisers track you. This all plays into their most recent push to keep your information private. Available in the US and Canada, it will be available in Europe later this year, starting with the UK.

Apple Card

– Apple Card from Apple Pay
– Daily Cash rewards deliver real cash every single day
– App uses machine learning to show you exactly where you spend money
– Physical titanium card has only your name for more security
– All payments are stored on the device, Apple cannot see any transactions

In an unprecedented move, Apple is now getting into the field of consumer financials. Apple Card is both a physical and a non-physical solution. Coming to the USA this summer, Apple Card is a credit card built on transparency, security, and privacy.

Simplifying the application process, users can apply right on their iPhone and get approved in just minutes. With lower interest rates, no fees, clear rewards, and total security, it’s the biggest advance in credit cards in 50 years.

Accepted worldwide across all Apple devices, the Apple Card is always with you. Within the app, you can see exactly how much you owe, when you owe it, and what you’ve spent. In fact, you can see a full summary of your spending habits. Your statement is completely transparent; Apple Card uses machine learning and Apple Maps to see exactly where you spent your money and how much it was.

Helping users live a “healthier financial life,” the Apple Card also categorizes your spending so you can see if you’re spending too much on entertainment, shopping, or going out. It’s all color coded so it’s easy to understand and make changes in your spending habits.

Perhaps best of all, Apple Card comes with real, tangible rewards. Called Daily Cash, you get cash back for your purchases the same day as your purchases. And, it’s real cash, too. You can send it to friends via Messages, pay down your balance, and more. Plus, you can earn 2% Daily Cash for any Apple Pay with Apple Card purchase. You’ll also get 3% Daily Cash for any Apple retail or App Store purchases.

Apple Pay not accepted where you are? You also get a physical Apple Card. Made out of titanium, it features your name engraved right on the front. But, you’ll notice there’s no expiration date, card number, CVV code, or signature. It’s all about privacy and security.

Powered by Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, the app gives you key information such as how your interest is calculated and how much you’re actually spending with minimum payments. Thanks to a built-in security chip, Apple will never know what you spend your money on, where, or when. It’s all built into the device.

Apple Arcade

– Ad-free games
– Available offline
– Includes 100+ new and exclusive games

Already the #1 gaming platform in the world, Games is the most popular category in the App Store. Now, Apple is bringing us Apple Arcade. From immersive AR to ground-breaking strategy games, Arcade has it all. Coming with over 100 new and exclusive games, it has its very own tab in the App Store.

You can access Apple Arcade across all Apple devices and every game is playable offline. With no ads or additional purchases needed, the app won’t collect any data from you without your consent. Likewise, parents can keep tabs on screen time for their kids.

With Family Sharing at no additional charge, Apple Arcade will be available this fall in over 150+ countries.

Apple TV

– The newly designed app puts all TV subscriptions in one place
– Combines news, shows, movies, and sports
– Accessible across all Apple devices
– Use Siri to request specific programs
– Coming in May

In the entertainment sphere, Apple is showcasing its new Apple TV app. Designed to put everything at your fingertips, this app truly has it all. Including 150 different streaming apps, you can access every bit of TV on all of your Apple devices, including Apple TV 4K. It puts shows, movies, sports, and news right in your hands.

The Apple TV app uses machine learning to determine exactly what to suggest for you to watch next. You can always pick up where you left off and even get sports scores right on your screen. The personalized options are designed just for you, and expert editors update the app every single day.

In addition, the app includes Apple TV channels. Putting all of your subscription services in one place, you can access cable, satellite TV, live internet TV, and so much more. From HBO to Showtime to CBS All Access to Hulu, you get it all. And, with Family Sharing, your entire family gets access on the go.

Finally, the Apple TV app will be coming to Mac this fall. If that wasn’t enough, the app will be available on smart TVs. It’ll begin with Samsung this spring, followed by Vizio, Roku, and Amazon devices.

Apple TV+

– Ad-free subscription, on-demand
– Online and offline, fully downloadable
– Exclusive content, new every month
– 100+ countries
– Coming this fall

Certainly the showstopper of the event, Apple TV+ is dedicated to the “best stories ever told.” Featuring the top creators in the world, for the first time together in one place, Apple TV+ is a premium streaming service for premium content. Beyond what you’ll find on cable, Netflix, or HBO, Apple TV+ includes exceptional creators from every genre.

Stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell took to the stage to announce their new programs available on Apple TV+. With plenty of content to devour, Apple TV+ will be available this fall in over 100 countries.

Hardware announcements from last week

10.5-inch iPad Air with A12 Bionic Chip

The beautiful 10.5-inch screen features Apple’s Retina display and offers True Tone technology for exceptional color support. The display is 20% larger and also offers over half a million more pixels than its predecessor. With plenty of space in the display, users can achieve greater productivity through voice search, Siri Shortcuts, and the use of the Dock for quick access.

10.5-inch iPad Air with A12 Bionic Chip

10.5-inch iPad Air with A12 Bionic Chip

7.9-inch iPad Mini with A12 Bionic Chip

Featuring the same cutting-edge processing chip announced in previous iPhone models, the iPad mini combines incredible access with super fast speeds that come in three times faster than previous models. Designed for multi-tasking, the A12 chip allows for advanced machine learning to achieve features such as AR experiences, exceptional 3D rendering, and impressive graphics.

10.5-inch iPad Air with A12 Bionic Chip

10.5-inch iPad Air with A12 Bionic Chip

New iMac with 5K Retina Display

Available in two models, the beloved Apple desktop has received an impressive update to make it faster than ever. Thanks to the 6-core 9th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the larger of the two systems will blow you away with its speed. In addition, they also feature Radeon Pro Vega graphics which offers 50% faster graphics. The beautiful 27-inch model is complete with a stunning 5K Retina display and your choice of 32GB or 64GB of RAM.

New iMac with 5K Retina Display

New iMac with 5K Retina Display

AirPods Gen 2 with Wireless Charging Case

With this, users can simply say “Hey, Siri” to launch the smart virtual assistant without even touching the earbuds. In addition to this, the chip also affords the AirPods exceptional battery life. In fact, they’ll last a whopping 50% longer than the previous version. This means you get an additional hour of talk time between charges. With the wireless case, you also get an additional 24 hours of listening time.

AirPods Gen 2 with Wireless Charging Case

AirPods Gen 2 with Wireless Charging Case

While many had hoped for updates on rOS (Apple’s AR glasses software) and Project Marzipan, it looks like we’ll have to wait until WWDC in June for more.

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