Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

Ever got on a plane and wished you had worn something more comfortable? You won’t have such regrets with BauBax travel pants — they are light, breathable, durable, practical, and stylish.

Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants
  • What are the best materials for wearing in hot weather? Light cotton offers good breathability, while bamboo helps to reduce odor and wick away moisture.
  • Do clothes protect your skin from the sun? Most do, although the level of protection varies between different materials.
  • What clothes are best for travel? BauBax travel pants will keep your bottom half comfortable and stylish, thanks to a unique blend of materials and some great design choices.

Your choice of clothing for travel is always important. For instance, denim might look good at the airport — but your legs may have a different outlook after eight hours bent at the knee. Joggers are far more comfortable, but most won’t serve you well in hot destinations.

It’s this conundrum that BauBax travel pants are designed to solve. Available in a range of styles, these pants provide the perfect compromise between fashion and comfort. They are also very durable, quick to dry and well suited to warmer climes.

What makes travel pants more comfortable?

When you have to sit in one cramped seat for hours on end, the design of your apparel has a significant impact on your comfort levels. While denim can feel tight, travel pants are designed to stretch, giving your legs more breathing space.

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BauBax travel pants are stretchy, but they offer much more besides. Crafted from a special blend of Merino wool, bamboo and polyester, these pants are very lightweight and breathable.

travel pants - Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

BauBax are perfect for him and for her

They are also durable enough to withstand daily wear, and the fibers have natural anti-odor properties.

travel pants - Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

Protect your skin from the sun with BauBax

Furthermore, the material is stain- and water-resistant — useful for when you arrive at your destination. Under the scorching sun, those bamboo fibers will wick away any sweat, while providing UPF 50+ protection for your skin.

Smart design

It’s not just the choice of material that makes BauBax travel pants special.

travel pants - Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

The perfect design

While many similar products aren’t easy on the eye, the whole BauBax range meets the highest fashion standards. There are four different styles to choose from in sizes for men and women: athletic chinos/trouser leggings, slim chinos/travel leggings, twill joggers, and knit joggers. You can also pick from several colors.

travel pants - Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

Choose from a range of styles

In addition to looking the part, these travel pants are functional. All the designs include five pockets, with a concealed zippered pocket that is perfect for securely storing your passport.

travel pants - Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

Store everything you need in style

The other great thing about BauBax travel pants is that they can be rolled really tightly. This means they take up less space in your luggage than other forms of apparel.

“After sitting on those long, cramped, uncomfortable flights, don’t you feel like stretching out, doing some Yoga maybe. Well now you can. Our dynamic stretch technology allows you to stretch to your heart’s content!” — BauBax on Kickstarter

A better way to travel

It’s nice to see some travel pants that aren’t embarrassing to wear outside an airport. What’s more, BauBax pants will serve you well during any vacation or business trip.

travel pants - Make travel more comfortable with BauBax pants

BauBax travel pants are durable and stretchy

Things to note

The water-resistance of BauBax travel pants comes from a synthetic Teflon coating. As a result, these pants can’t be described as eco-friendly — although they should last much longer than many.


– Kickstarter: Until May 3rd

– Pledge: $108 USD

– Delivery: September 2019

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