HP’s new Pavilion desktop is insanely fast and affordable

With a powerful Hexa-Core i5 processor, HP’s new Pavilion desktop lets you multitask at speed and get creative — without breaking the bank.

HP’s new Pavilion desktop is insanely fast and affordable
  • Should I get a laptop or a desktop machine? If you enjoy gaming or want to edit video, a desktop machine may be the better option.
  • What is Intel Optane? It’s a system that makes your hard drive nearly as fast as solid-state storage.
  • What is the best PC workstation under $600? With a hexa-core processor, the new Pavilion Desktop from HP offers amazing bang for your buck.

In an age of mobile first, most people only buy a desktop machine for top-level performance. If you plan to edit RAW photos or play the latest games, it’s important to have that extra grunt under the hood. The problem is, you often pay a ridiculous price for the privilege.

The new HP 590-p0050 Pavilion Desktop is a far more attractive proposition. With a Hexa-Core i5 processor and Intel Optane flash memory, this tower is insanely fast. But with prices starting at under $600, you won’t find a more affordable powerhouse.

What is a hexa-core processor?

In simple terms, processor cores are like distinct brains. The more cores you have working on a particular problem, the faster the task will be completed.

Consequently, hexa-core processors — which have six cores — are around one-third more efficient than quad-core processors, which only have four cores. In the real world, this translates to smooth multitasking and speedy software.

[tweet_box]With a powerful Hexa-Core i5 processor, HP’s new Pavilion lets you multitask at speed and get creative — without breaking the bank.[/tweet_box]

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Powerful desktop

HP’s new machine benefits from six cores, along with Intel Optane flash memory and 8GB of RAM. You also get UHD graphics, with the option to upgrade to a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, or an AMD Radeon RX 580. It’s a powerful machine that’s perfect for creativity and entertainment.

New Pavilion Desktop

Although the new Pavilion Desktop takes a traditional tower form, it’s smaller than PCs of yesteryear. The silvery case measures just 13.3 inches tall and 6.69 inches wide.

In addition, the 2018 version is 10 percent slimmer than last year’s model. This is a PC you will be proud to place on your desk.

new Pavilion desktop 03

Silvery finish

There’s plenty of connectivity packed into that compact frame. You get two USB3.1 ports to play with, plus HDMI and VGA connectors, and even a DVD drive — remember those?

In terms of storage, the Pavilion offers a spacious hard drive. But thanks to Intel Optane memory, you get near-SSD performance without sacrificing space. This compromise is perfect if you want to store a significant number of movies or photos.

new Pavilion desktop 02

Hexa-core processor

Just as importantly, this HP machine is a great everyday workhorse. You can zip between Word and Excel at lightning speed, while watching lag-free YouTube videos.

“All your activities become easier and faster than before with the latest Hexa-Core Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Intel® Optane™ flash memory and advanced Intel® UHD integrated graphics. Watch videos, edit photos, and connect to family and friends with all the power you need to get things done.” — HP.com

What we like

The new Pavilion Desktop offers incredible bang for your buck. Whether you’re an avid gamer or looking for a Photoshop machine, this PC can handle your needs.

Potential upgrades

While Intel Optane is great, we would like to see a full hybrid storage option. SSDs are the future, and they are more reliable than drives with moving parts.


– Order now: via HP.com

– Price: $579.99 USD

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