New Intel Processors from CES 2021 offer 23% faster productivity and 78% better graphics

Increase your device's speed and performance with these Intel processors. Specifically designed for various platforms, these are tailored to deliver low latency, improve visuals, and more. Continue reading to discover more.

New Intel Processors from CES 2021 offer 23% faster productivity and 78% better graphics
New Intel Processors from CES 2021 review

At CES 2021, Intel announced that they’ll be released processors designed for four platforms: business, education, mobile, and gaming, allowing each sector to perform at its best.

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With a total of more than 50 processors across each platform, this will result in more than 500 new designs for laptops and desktops yet to be launched in 2021.

Intel Processors

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11th Gen Intel Core vPro for the business platform

The 11th Gen Intel Core vPro will be suitable for lightweight and thin laptops and features a comprehensive hardware-based security. In particular, it features Intel Hardware Shield, which uses AI threat detection to immediately block ransomware and crypto-mining attacks. Furthermore, the processor also uses Intel Control Flow Enforcement Technology to shut down large attacks.

Impressively, this processor offers up to 23% faster productivity and 50% faster office productivity compared to others on the market. This allows you to use Office 365 and other business applications and conduct a conference call. Furthermore, the Intel processor delivers fast Wi-Fi 6 speeds. This allows you to upload and download work up to three times faster than Wi-Fi 5.

N-series Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron processors

Designed for education uses, these Intel processors meet the demands of students. In particular, they can deliver up to 35% better application performance along with 78% better graphics. Therefore, the processors encourage multitasking and provide smooth application performance. Also, the advanced camera and connectivity features make the Intel processors great for video conferencing.

11th Gen Intel Core H-series Mobile Processors

Finally, these Intel processors are compatible with mobile and gaming platforms along with laptops as thin as 16 mm. Powered by a four-core processor with up to 5 GHz Turbo, these are suitable for portable gaming. In addition, the new Gen 4 PCIE software delivers low latency, so you can become fully immersed in gaming. And they’ll also allow you to experience the latest discrete graphics.

In addition to this new launch, Intel also hinted at developing advanced technology for gamers and enthusiasts with the 11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processors. These offer over 19% gen-over-gen IPC improvement. Therefore, it provides high-frequency cores to deliver more performance for gaming. These will release in the first quarter of 2021.

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