Jeevah is a new smartwatch that will teach you yoga

To feel the full benefits of yoga, you need to practice regularly. You may not be able to attend classes every day — but the new Jeevah smartwatch can guide you through a full routine whenever you have some spare time.

Jeevah is a new smartwatch that will teach you yoga
Jeevah is the first yoga smartwatch
  • Can you learn yoga online? Yes, in theory at least. There are many online videos you can follow, but it is a good idea to work with a professional instructor.
  • What are the benefits of daily yoga? Physically, yoga promotes strength and flexibility. It also helps you stay calm, even in the midst of a busy day.
  • How can technology help me with yoga practice? Wearable devices such as the new Jeevah smartwatch — make it easy to check poses and track your overall well-being.

While some fitness trends come and go, yoga has endured. This collection of physical, mental and spiritual practices has been around since the 6th century BC. Back then, it could only be found in India. Today, millions of people around the world feel the benefits of regular practice. If you would like to take your yoga to the next level, Jeevah could help. This new smartwatch guides you through routines, detects stress and helps you reach peak health.

What is a yoga smartwatch?

Mixing technology and fitness is not a new idea. There are now countless wearables that will track every step you take, every rep you make and every calorie you burn. However, none of these devices works well for alternative forms of exercise.

Jeevah is a new smartwatch that will teach you yoga

Meet Jeevah, your intelligent new yoga coach

Jeevah changes that. Billed as the world’s first yoga smartwatch, this device helps you perfect your downward dog and tree pose. The watch uses artificial intelligence to create the perfect routine for you, complete with simple guides. Whenever you need a little help, you simply glance at the display to get a reminder of each pose.

Jeevah is a new smartwatch that will teach you yoga

The trans-reflective screen is perfect for outdoor light

These programs are customized according to your age, weight and medical history. They are also put together by professionals and backed by research.

The idea is to make yoga more accessible, particularly for folks with busy schedules.

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Not just yoga

One of the great benefits of practicing yoga is that it can relieve tension.

Jeevah is a new smartwatch that will teach you yoga

Jeevah has many great features, including stress tracking

Perhaps this is why Jeevah tracks your stress levels. The device uses machine learning algorithms to track the signs, and you will get an alert when things start going awry. When you glance down, you will see a short note reminding you to breathe deeply.

Along with the wellness features, Jeevah offers weather updates, easy access to your calendar, a step counter, music control, and a phone locator. With five days of battery life and a waterproof shell, it’s one impressive timepiece.

“Built from cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, the Jeevah yoga assistant customizes workouts based on age, weight, and medical history. Each yoga routine is outcome-oriented and research-backed—part of a library of proven yoga programs and 100+ wellness videos.” — Jeevah on Indiegogo

What we ❤️

This is a smartwatch with a purpose. The minimalist design has been carefully thought through, with a large trans-reflective display. Meanwhile, the software is smart and full of features, without being complex.

Future designs

In time, it would be great to see other forms of exercise covered — such as pilates and tai chi. In the meantime, you should find loads of great health content.


– Indiegogo: Until October 18

– Pledge: $129 USD

– Delivery: June 2020

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