Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker brings cafe-quality home with 6 brew sizes

It's not uncommon to start the day feeling like an extra in a zombie film. Ready to replace your undead fatigue with the energy of a martial artist is a specialty coffee maker here to infiltrate your morning routine, straight from Ninja!

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker brings cafe-quality home with 6 brew sizes
The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Coffee has long been enjoyed by those looking to boost their energy level or indulge in a hot, comforting drink. The invention of the coffee pot made it much easier to whip up in the kitchen. With modern coffee machines, delicious varieties are more accessible than ever. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is ready to do precisely that. It’s a kitchen-friendly brewer that can make multiple styles of coffee, several brew sizes, and even has a foldaway frother.

Specialty coffee at your fingertips

Do you fancy the idea of cafe-style coffees right in the comfort of your own home? If so, you’re likely to love what Ninja’s offering. With the Specialty Coffee Maker, you can brew all kinds of delectable varieties, like cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes. According to Ninja’s website, the product also includes an iced coffee option. The company states that it doesn’t water down drinks either, which is great! Because, let’s face it, no one wants watery lukewarm coffee. Instead, this kitchen gadget is perfect for iced coffee enthusiasts and hot summer afternoons.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker brings cafe-quality home with six brew sizes
Ninja’s Specialty Coffee Maker fits right on your countertop

A coffee machine with several brew sizes

Mugs and thermoses can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So it’s frustrating when you grab one that’s too big or too small to match your coffee machine’s settings. Because of this, Ninja’s Specialty Coffee Maker offers a wide range of brew sizes. They’re sure to distribute the correct amount you need. No more fumbling to stop it from overfilling and no more feeling like it didn’t pour enough. Sizes accommodate a single cup, travel cup, and go all the way up to a full carafe.

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker in action

Free from pods means freedom of choice

Plenty of people enjoy the convenience of pod-based coffee systems. There’s no arguing that placing a pod in and pressing a button doesn’t get much easier. However, pods do come with certain drawbacks. They’re potentially worse for the environment and tend to be less cost-effective. For example, Ninja claims that customers can save up to $200 annually by using ground coffee rather than pods. That’s why the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker doesn’t use them, opting instead for the use of traditional grounds. By using conventional coffee grounds, you can use any coffee you want. Thereby expanding your variety in choice while producing a higher quality brew.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker brings cafe-quality home with six brew sizes
Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker doesn’t rely on pods to brew

Included foldaway frother for a complete gourmet experience

Ninja is adding an extra level of quality for a complete gourmet experience. How so? Attached to the Specialty Coffee Maker is a foldaway frother. The foldaway frother transforms hot or cold milk into a velvety smooth, frothy topping. This is a great feature given its ability to brew specialty drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. The frother improves the machine’s ability to deliver a coffee-house quality you might find in a local cafe only in your kitchen instead.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker brings cafe-quality home with six brew sizes
Foldaway frother adds a gourmet element to the coffee maker

Experience quality over convenience

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a great option if you’re looking for a machine that puts quality brewing over the convenience of speed. Does it lack the simplicity of pod-based brewing systems? Yes. But it certainly makes up for it by producing an incredible cup of coffee. The variety this device brings is sure to satisfy those who enjoy extra options in which to drink their coffee. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker also includes a 50-ounce glass carafe available at retail stores or right from the Ninja homepage.

Overall, the Speciality Coffee Maker makes an excellent motivator for getting out of bed in the morning, and it also provides a delicious pick-me-up mid-afternoon. Gift this a coffee enthusiast in your life or furnish your kitchen countertops with this gadget for $199.99. What are your go-to coffee accessories? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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