Pericle: Labyrinth review: this dungeon-crawling RPG is led by a game master app

Calling all RPG fans, the Pericle: Labyrinth is your ticket to fast, stress-free, anytime play. Check it out in the review blog below.

Pericle: Labyrinth review: this dungeon-crawling RPG is led by a game master app
Pericle: Labyrinth has an app-based game master

I love RPGs. But the setup— for game masters especially—is intense. You’ve got to flesh out plots, describe tools, and create characters. Planning can take just as much, or more, time than playing. Luckily, there’s a new dungeon-crawling RPG that bypasses the work. Its name is Pericle: Labyrinth, and I’m reviewing it today.

This game brings a refreshing twist to the genre by blending traditional board game elements with modern app technology. The result is a fun, immersive, and efficient experience that newcomers and seasoned players will love.

Want to find out more? See my in-depth review of this app-based RPG below!

Pericle: Labyrinth in a video

Meet the Labyrinth of Porta

The journey takes place in the Labyrinth of Porta, a maze that beckons players with the promise of unfathomable hidden wealth. To find it, you must pass a formidable test, a rite of passage by choice, not chance.

Like classic dungeon-crawling RPGs, you navigate twisty turns and dark corridors, overcome traps, and battle monstrous beings. But when you enter this labyrinth, you follow a unique adventure created by Loremaster, the game master app.

Loremaster: your digital game master

The Loremaster app is the game’s standout feature. It takes the place of an in-person game master, speeding up setup and gameplay. It can set the scene, offer combat instructions, and control enemy actions—all automatically.

So, when you’re in the mood for an RPG, you can gather friends and play. There’s no need to schedule the game weeks in advance so that a human game master can create your challenges.

The app also improves game flow. Even the best game master must pause to consult their notes occasionally—the app eliminates that wait time. And, since the app sets up each session in seconds, you can dive right into the game instead of waiting for descriptions of tools, characters, etc.

Uses traditional board game elements

If you play RPG games to avoid screen-based games, don’t worry. While the Loremaster app smooths setup and gameplay, this dungeon-crawling RPG includes traditional board game elements like dice, standing characters, and physical maps.

So, despite the game master app, you’re still playing a board game. It’s just led by an app. I find it an interesting hybrid way to play, one that takes less time but still lets you play a tabletop game.

Also, with this RPG, no longer does one of your friends have to spend an entire weekend preparing for the following weekend’s game. With this RPG, everyone in the group can play. So you get to spend more time with your friends.

Infinite replayability with modular apps

Moreover, I’m impressed that I can play Pericle: Labyrinth repeatedly. Thanks to the 5 modular maps, the game can be modified and adjusted using the obstacle tokens, so there are virtually an unlimited number of game variations.

Every time I descend into the maze, the game master app generates a new and random adventure. The play is thrilling, challenging, and suspenseful—I’m never bored!

Also, the app remembers my previous victories. So, when I play again, I encounter new trials to earn even greater rewards. How cool is that?

Character creation: a playground of possibilities

In many RPGs, creating your hero can feel restrictive—you have to follow a mess of rules and guidelines. This dungeon-crawling RPG takes a different approach. In Pericle: Labyrinth, developing your character is a freeform experience—you can bring your creative vision to life.

How? The game has an open-ended system without rigid classes or predetermined paths. So you can mix and match disciplines, attributes, and magic abilities. Want to create a warrior with magical abilities? Or maybe an archer that can transform? The choice is yours in this freeform RPG.

Exciting progression and rewards

I also appreciate the game’s progression. After each encounter, I get experience points, loot, and the respect of my fellow players.

While all of that improves my hero’s abilities, it also keeps me engaged and motivated to return to the labyrinth for more.

And since the game is endlessly replayable, the rewards get better and better!

A familiar yet thrilling experience

If you’ve played Pericle: Gathering Darkness, the Labyrinth expansion offers a familiar yet thrilling experience. I appreciate the continuity between the 2 games.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to own the previous game to enjoy Pericle: Labyrinth. The core rules are easy to grasp, and the Loremaster app makes it easy for newcomers to jump in and begin their adventure.

Conclusion: a must-try for RPG enthusiasts

A blend of traditional board game elements with modern app capabilities, the Pericle: Labyrinth is an incredible timesaver. For once, there’s an RPG that’s all fun and no stress.

But, beyond that, the game offers a liberating character creation system, infinite replayability, and an enticing progression system that keeps me playing.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to RPG, this game promises countless hours of fun and excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and get ready to enter the unknown—whenever you want.

Want try try Pericle: Labyrinth yourself? Preorder it for $75 (or $46 if you already own Pericle: Gathering Darkness) on Kickstarter.

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