You’ll have peace of mind with this pet activity monitor

Anyone who has a pet knows the level of stress involved with owning one. Sure, they're fantastic and amazing and you can't imagine life without them. But what if there was a way to alleviate some of the stressors that go hand in hand with pet ownership?

You’ll have peace of mind with this pet activity monitor
If your animal gets outside, you won’t need to worry about finding them

Pets are great for cuddles and happiness, but they’re also great if you want to get an ulcer because you’re constantly worried about their health and where they are. If you’re anything like me, your furry companions are your children. I spend more time worrying about my cats and their health and whereabouts than I do my husband’s. After all, he has opposable thumbs and can speak. And I can track him on Find my iPhone. But what if there was a pet activity monitor so you could monitor your pets the same way?

Findster has the solution with Findster Home. This pet tracker will track your pet’s location 24/7, from anywhere. Best of all? There is no contract or monthly subscription fee to do so.

A white triangular base station on a table with a pet activity monitor and collar next to it.

All you need is the Basestation and the pet module, and you can keep track of your animal 24/7

Stop searching for your pets

A lost pet is one of the worst feelings ever. If a gate is left open, or an animal that is usually supervised somehow gets out on their own, it’s awful. One of my cats managed to sneak outside a few years ago, and I was terrified that the worst had happened to him. I created posterboard signs, combed the neighborhood, yelled, cried, shook bags of food… The process went on all afternoon and well into the evening. Turns out, he was scared and under a bush twenty feet away from the front door and had been the whole time.

A yellow Lab is standing next to a light and white Basestation, wearing a collar.

Findster will even track your animal’s activity levels

Had I had a pet activity monitor from Findster, I could have saved myself that first ulcer. I would have known exactly where he was just by looking at the app on my phone for his location. With Findster, all you need is the Home unit, the pet tracker on your pet’s collar, and an internet connection. You can monitor your pet’s location from anywhere, in real-time.

Set boundaries with this pet activity monitor

Maybe you don’t have a fence in your yard, and your dog has been trained and is good about staying on your property. But there’s always that chance they’re going to take off running after a rabbit or a squirrel. They’re a dog, and that’s what dogs do.

If you’re worried about this and you don’t want to be constantly looking at your phone while your pet is outside, Findster can set boundaries. You can set up a virtual fence and receive notifications whenever your pet leaves that area.

A white and gray cat wearing a pet activity monitor is outside a window on the ledge.

Findster Care gives you insights into your pet’s health

Do you have a cat who has a wider wandering range? No worries. You aren’t limited as to where you can set up your virtual fence and can include a larger area in your boundaries. You’ll receive real-time notifications if your pet leaves this area. And with the Home loudspeaker in your house, if you don’t have your phone on you or it’s on silent, it’s okay. Your Home base will alert you as well.

The pet GPS with radar

Now that you know your pet is out, what do you do? Sure, you have a map to tell you, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. What if they’re in the house and they’re under an odd piece of furniture or a pile of pillows? Or, if your cat is anything like mine, they’ve found the best place to hide in the ravine out back. You know they’re out there, but where exactly?

A dog wearing a collar is standing in a field.

Track your animal within a six-mile radius

With the Findster app, you’ll have radar to guide you to exactly where they are. If they’re under something or up in a tree, you won’t miss them. Now, just to find a way to get them out of that tree without calling the fire department, or to keep them from darting away.

The device that is truly a pet activity monitor

Do you have a chonky boi? I do. The last time I took my guy to the vet, someone exclaimed, “Look at that big cat!” and one of the vet techs asked to take him back and weigh him just because she was curious. (Nineteen pounds is the answer.)

A gray-striped and white cat staring directly at the camera while wearing a pet activity monitor.

Findster Home offers live GPS tracking and radar to find your pet

If you need your furry child to shed some pounds to keep them around longer, you can make sure they’re getting all the activity they need to stay fit and healthy. Finder Home monitors your pet’s activity levels throughout the day, so you know if you need to run them around a bit more.

This pet device comes with everything you need

When you order your Findster Home, you’ll receive:

  • Findster Basestation
  • One pet module
  • Charger
  • One less ulcer to worry about

You can have up to three pet modules on one Basestation, and the pet modules attach easily to your pet’s collar. The pet trackers use Maze Communication Technology (an exclusive technology that works for up to six miles) to communicate with the Basestation, and the Basestation uses the cloud to connect with your other devices. The pet modules are light, waterproof, and rechargeable via USB.

What we ❤️

Being able to track your pet in real-time is amazing and would reduce a lot of stress. The fact that this doesn’t require a subscription service or a contract is fantastic. Lastly, we love Findster Care, the service Findster offers that gives you valuable insights on your pet’s health—not meant to replace a veterinarian, of course.

What we’d ❤️ to see

I’d love to see a smaller version in the future. The size is perfect for dogs, but the pet module is a little big for cats, and we all know how finicky cats are. I’d love to see a version that wouldn’t require it to be worn on a collar, but that would need to be an injectible like microchips, and I don’t know how that would work with Findster’s technology.

Where you can buy your pet activity monitor

If we’ve piqued your interest—and we should have—you’ll want to sign up now to get your Findster Home pet activity tracker. For just $169 on Kickstarter with their Early Bird special, you can get the Basestation, 1 pet module, charger and Findster Care. And that’s it. You’ll never pay for it again. Unless you can’t pass up that puppy and need another module.

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