Want to be eco-friendly? You need to see Poseidon watches

The new Poseidon watches from Ab Aeterno are made from recycled plastic, but there is nothing recycled about their design. These timepieces offer cutting-edge style with a green twist

Want to be eco-friendly? You need to see Poseidon watches
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As word spreads about the amount of plastic floating around in the oceans, many brands are launching eco-friendly products. While some merely limit the potential damage, others actually help to clean up the planet.

The new Poseidon watches from Ab Aeterno fall into the proactive category. Made from recycled plastic, these brand new timepieces are perfect for anyone who cares about the environment.

In addition, that recycled plastic is molded into four different forms. They are a beautiful use for reclaimed materials.

What can you do with recycled plastic?

The reason why plastic is so bad for the natural environment is that it takes decades to break down. Instead of crumbling, it just floats there, waiting for some unsuspecting fish or dolphin to become ensnared.

recycled plastic 03

Rubbish into gold

However, plastic’s resilience does have a benefit. When you hook some of that trash out of the ocean, it can be used again for many years. This means there is less harmful waste in the water, and fewer resources are used in creating new products.

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Every timepiece in the Poseidon watch collection is made from one pound of recycled plastic. It’s every bit as important as using metal drinking straws and your own coffee cup.

The eco-friendly watch collection

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Pure style

Some recycled products lack the shiny luster of newly created items. But you can’t say Poseidon watches suffer from this aesthetic problem.

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For home and for her

Each timepiece in this collection has a stainless steel casing, with a gleaming white fascia. The watches measure just 11mm thick, and the 40mm face is suitable for him and for her. These watches are also water resistant to 100 meters, while the Japanese quartz movement keeps perfect time.

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Day Date version

There are four different face styles to choose from, each with a name that says it all. The Chrono variant includes a stopwatch, while the Day Date helps you stick to your schedule.

recycled plastic 04

Time Only version

Only Time offers a clean watch face, while the Sport edition comes with chronograph dials and a unique wristband.

Innovative wristband

Made from FKM ultra high-end rubber, the Poseidon Sport wristband has no closure. Instead, the two sides fit together with an interlocking system. The raised projections on each side fit perfectly with the honeycomb structure on the other.

In addition, this wristband is odorless, hypoallergenic and tough enough to endure any activity.

“The Poseidon watch is symbolic of an eco-luxury choice, where design and quality are in perfect harmony with the environment. We continually invest in research and development to create new watches from innovative, recycled materials and to sustain ecological projects.” — Ab Aeterno on Kickstarter

Plastic fantastic

These beautiful watches prove that recycled plastic can be used for great things. Furthermore, the collection offers great style at an affordable price.

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Style and substance


It seems unnecessary to have three lines of writing on the face of each watch. You probably won’t need a reminder that it’s made from recycled plastic, or “officially certified” water resistant.


– Kickstarter: Until October 5th

– Pledge: $162 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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