Print Directly From Your Smartphone Using Printeroid

Print Directly From Your Smartphone Using Printeroid

Remember going to your partner’s childhood home for the first time? Their mom probably brought out all of the photo albums to show you all of their baby pictures. And then took you on a trip down memory lane of their whole childhood. It was funny, and it was neat, and it was a great bonding moment with our partner and their family.

Because our parents didn’t have smartphones or digital cameras. They took pictures on film, and they didn’t get to see the pictures until they had taken them in to get developed. And then all of those pictures went in albums, with the doubles, negatives, and not-so-great pictures going in a box in some dark corner of the closet. Thanks to Printeroid, we can get some of that back.

We don’t print off pictures like we used to. And what that means is we don’t typically create photo albums to go through now, and we don’t have the same plethora of photographs around the house. But we can change that. Printeroid is the best solution for individuals with this issue. Users can now print from the convenience of their iPad or iPhone.

Instead of making a mental note to print off your pictures from that birthday or holiday morning, you can now do it immediately. Just go through and select the best pictures from the day and print them right off so you won’t have to worry about it later.

Printeroid black and white version on a desk

Print any picture you want off your iPhone or iPad exactly when you want it

Bring your memories to life

Printeroid is not your average office printer. The options are practically endless for what you can do with this innovative printer. It’s small enough to fit in your bag, so you can take it anywhere with you. Heading out for the evening and making some memories? Once you take that group picture you like, all you have to do is hook up your iPhone to your Printeroid and everyone can head home with a picture.

It attaches to your iPad or iPhone and prints directly from a dedicated app called the Printeroid Message Service. All you have to do is send whatever you want print to the app as a message. It uses printafilm paper available in 5- or 10-meter rolls for never ending printing madness. And it prints out at 2.7 inches wide at 0.15 inches per second in 300 dpi.

Printeroid is more than just a way to print pictures

Stickers are awesome. They allow us to personalize just about anything. You can’t drive without seeing a sticker on car bumpers all around you. And laptops tend to be a place where people showcase their personality. But sometimes there’s not a sticker of something we love. Or, wouldn’t it be great to turn your favorite picture of your partner or your pet into a sticker?

Now, you can do just that. Printeroid gives you the option to turn anything into a sticker. Just use the sticker roll in your Printeroid device, and you can print off stickers to your heart’s desire quickly and easily. You can design and print on the go for yourself, your friends, or clients. Want to test out a new logo to see if you like it? Print it off as a sticker and try it out for a while to see if it sticks. What could be cooler than that?

This printing device is a crafter’s dream

If you scrapbook at all, you know it can be difficult to find exactly what you need for a particular page you have in your mind. Your layout would be perfect, if only you had this one particular image that no one seems to have anywhere, no matter how many stores you search. Now, you can personalize your scrapbooking more than ever by creating your own images on your iPad or iPhone and printing them off on your Printeroid. You’ll be able to creat that special layout for your book just the way you envisioned it in your head, without having to compromise.

Printeroid design features layout

Printeroid is powerful yet still compact enough to throw in your back and have on the go

Printeroid has practical uses too

We now have apps for everything, but sometimes you can’t use the app for something. Or sometimes you just don’t want to. Or you want to print those plane tickets and concert tickets because you like to save them. Instead of stressing about not being able to print them because you forgot, just pull your Printeroid out of your bag and get to printing out those tickets.

What if you’re at an event, and you ran out of business cards? Or your business cards didn’t come in on time even though you paid all that extra money for the express delivery option? Don’t worry, Printeroid has your back. All you have to do is message a copy of your business card to your Printeroid, and you can print out business cards on the go.

And since you have sticker-printing capabilities, you can print of stickers of your information to stick around. (Just be sure to only put stickers on things where it’s okay to put stickers, of course.) If you’re running a table at an event, you’ll be able to print out any information or samples people need or want, and that’s a convenience, most of us have never even imagined being able to have.

Printeroid on table printing paper

Use Printeroid at your next conference to showcase your work or to print last-minute documents

One device, so many uses

Once you have your Printeroid, a whole new world of possibilities will open up for you. If you, your parents, or grandparents had a Polaroid when you were growing up, and you miss the immediacy of having one, this is the device for you. And just like in the days when Polaroid cameras were popular and everyone was talking about them and jealous of people who had one, you’ll be the envy of all of your friends and coworkers when you bring out your Printeroid.

Michael is a writer, tech enthusiast and marathon trainer. He enjoys building connections, fiddling with new gadgets and spending time outdoors.
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